Reader Question: Chaos and Infatuation

A reader posed an interesting comment related to the drama that psychopathic relationships usually have:

Ive just extracted myself from a several year relationship with a psychopath. Your blog has made the final breaking of all communication possible. The create the chaos question above sums up our entire chaotic relationship. However, there was one constant, a total infatuation with one individual who would be referred to regularly. My question is….I know the person exists, but could that person be in danger? Or was the infatuation a ‘lie’ to feed the chaos and increase his power over me? P.s. I know you wont appreciate it, but you’ve saved my life.

If I’m understanding the question correctly, it sounds like there was a relationship between the commenter and a psychopath and the drama in the relationship had a commonality in that the psychopath would bring up their infatuation with a third party.  The commenter wants to know whether this third party exists or whether they are a fictional entity designed to provoke an increased “bond” in the relationship.

The short answer is that I of course do not know.  But, let’s explore the two possibilities anyway.

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Invincible … Reckoning Day

My arrogance will one day be my downfall.  How I’ve managed to escape serious punishment for the shenanigans I enact is beyond comprehension.  My unethical and dangerous behavior has been mitigated by a relative acceptance of restraint, but I still find myself pushing the envelope with behaviors that can only catch up with me.  Parasitism and recklessness are my lifeblood.  I realize that they do not need to be, but I can’t help but continue to tempt fate.  If I do not abstain in full, I realize that I will one day be some combination of dead, incarcerated, or destitute, but I don’t feel such possibilities.  What I cannot feel is left to the realms of my logical mind and this logical mind is tainted with an arrogance challenged by none.

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Update: October 2014

Longtime readers know that when I have nothing to say, I tend to disappear for a while.  I’m not one that needs to hear my voice heard at all times and if there is nothing insightful on my end, I don’t feel a need to waste my readers’ time with garbage.

I anticipate a few new posts over the next few days based off some lessons and insights that I have learned over the past month.  Whether this turns into a constant stream of writing remains to be seen.