Duality … The Quick and the Dead

The act of social justice infuriates me.  Not because I am upset with the grave injustices of the world – I’m not – but because of the inherent hypocrisy of those doing the fighting.  People will fight for some causes and leave others to rot.  Everyone, neurotypical or psychopath has their “us” group that they are willing to fight for and their “them” group which they leave for the buzzards.  There are those that will fight for matters of race and leave issues of homelessness to the wayside.  Others will educate regarding gay and lesbian issues and then leave the injustices felt by the bisexual or transgender for someone else.  Not only will they let someone else do the fighting, they won’t even bat an eye at the suffering experienced by these other groups.

Neurotypicals, in particular, live a duality – crying over the injustices of the world, but taking on the roles of the gods in deciding whom is worthy of their psychic energy.  They claim to be above the psychopath but then are no different – NTs on a daily basis choose whom is worthy of saving even though they claim that their empathy gives them a connection to all.  They will fight for one group while crushing the skulls of another out of bias and bigotry.  The psychopath is merely more honest, acknowledging that everyone is in their “them” group and that no one is worth saving except the self, the only member of the “us” group.

Now, lest the reader misunderstand, I am not delusional in thinking that there is an infinite mass of energy that anyone can tap into in order to fight for all whom are oppressed.  What I am saying is that many will consciously dictate that some groups are worthy of justice more than others.  Many will consciously state that some groups are more sacred than others.  Other groups are simply chaff.  Consider the religious individual that fights for religious freedom and then denies others the right to their individuality.  Consider the individual that will fight racism and then leave the religiously persecuted to rot in the name of modernity.  Consider the NT that refuses to fight for the adjusted psychopath out of their own hatred.  “Do as I say, not as I do” is a common refrain.

The psychopath does not suffer from this duality.  We acknowledge that no one is worthy of our energy unless we ourselves are to benefit.  We will not cry over the tragedies of the world while we choose to inflict harm on another through direct action or inaction.  There is no hypocrisy.  There is no selective bigotry.  There is only a pure selfishness that is all-consuming.  And, this selfishness dictates that we alone must be the benefactors of our actions.

To my neurotypical reader, I pose the following question.  Are you truly any different than us on this front?  Or, do you delude yourself into thinking that all are sacred, when in reality, you merely play God, choosing the quick and the dead?  Can you truly name a group that you don’t leave for the scavengers out of convenience or conviction?

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