Why I Decided to Drop the Pseudonym

I really liked the pseudonym Anathema.  The word sums up perfectly the status of the antisocial individual in society.  We are constantly held out of sight and out of mind and our ability to live authentically is rendered nonexistent.

However, what example am I setting if I hide behind the pseudonym?  Yes, I’ve given interviews with my real name and presentations with my real face, but I thought that even I had to keep any writing and general discourse under a separate name.  I was merely reinforcing the stigma that I said we should fight.

From now on, my posts at Psychogendered and my Twitter name will show my real name.  If I talk the talk, I must walk the walk.  I was going to wait until the possible publication of my manuscript to make such sweeping changes, but I am coming to realize that there is no other option.  My goal has always been to be transparent with my readership and I will continue to be as such.  However, now I will take that to the level it requires so that I can live with authenticity and hopefully impart that others can as well.

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