The Taste of Shit on Their Tongues … Discourse Regarding Antisocial Personalities

Too many want others to lead discourse.  Too many are unwilling to put forth their own experiences to add to the knowledge of the larger body.  Often, engaged in hero-worship, they willfully remain silent while proclaiming their leader as worthy to speak for all.  This is especially true in the world of mental illness and especially with antisocial personalities.

Everyone has their favorite resource, be it myself, M.E. Thomas, or any number of other voices in the realm of mental illness.  They hang on their every word and they elevate the thoughts of their champion to a level reaching insanity.  For the psychopath, this is especially foolish and dangerous given our weak sense of identities and our chameleon-like abilities.  Rather than thinking for ourselves, too many release their thoughts to pay the ransom demanded by the hero in question.  They become what they read and lose sight of the questions they originally held in their quest for knowledge.

The chameleon sucks up the personality and thoughts of another.  For the psychopath who is delirious in their willingness to digest the word of another, they become the person they are learning from.  They lose the insight into their own personalities as a result.  The cure, of course, is not only to consume the perspectives of another but to always evaluate those perspectives in the light of one’s own experiences.  I’ve seen too many try to fit their square bodies into cylindrical holes in order to make the narrative work.

My pledge and responsibility to you, my reader, has always been to be a resource as necessary.  I will gladly share the literature that I have read and the insights I have gained from others.  However, I will never answer the question of existence for you.  I will not tell you whether you are a psychopath; it is not my concern and I lack the authority to do so.  While my narcissism feeds off your inquiries and your page views, I cannot lose sight of my responsibility to you.  However, just as I have a responsibility to you, so do you.  You are responsible for maintaining your own thoughts and for contributing to the larger discourse.  Maybe not from altruism, but from the necessary endeavor that it takes to understand the inner working of one who has no identity.  Sharing your voice gives substance to your voice.  By isolating your own experiences from the generalities of the larger mass internally and contributing to the knowledge of others externally, you strengthen your own knowledge and internal form.

To this end, I offer this blog as well as the forums that I administrate over at Sociopath Street.  I appreciate your thanks, but I am not your champion.  If you wish to honor me, honor yourself.  Read my words as you always do, but analyze them in the light of your own lives.  My experiences are not a substitute for yours.  I am a resource, nothing more and nothing less.  The alternative is a world where we all have shit-stained mouths as we kiss the asses of those providing experiences that are theirs alone.


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