Fleshbags … Dancing with the Dead

I am a loner.  I do not value the company of inferiors, especially neurotypical ones.  I get all of the social interaction that I need by teaching and communicating with those who are antisocial.  Even then, I do not care about their lives or their hopes and dreams.  I am concerned solely with my own will.  The company of fleshbags is simply not appealing.

I’ve written before about the bubble that exists between the psychopath and those around him.  Our lack of affective empathy creates a rift between us and others.  We cannot feel their pain nor their joy.  We can see what lies before us but can never touch.  However, the pain of such can only exist if there is a true desire to be with others in anything beyond a superficial level.  I don’t want people in my life, I want potted plants.  I want people to be there when I need them, but I only want to interact with them on the shallowest of levels – “feeding” them occasionally and ensnaring them in such a way to where they can’t leave on their terms – only mine.  This is in alignment with the psychopath’s intense self-centered nature.

People exist for my amusement and my purposes.  If I wish to transfer pain to them as a means of venting my own suffering – when I do suffer – I will.  If I want to exploit them for personal gain, I will.  However, I will never tolerate their company as being truly complementary to mine.  This elevates another person to a level that cannot be: a state of pseudo-equality.  For the psychopath, no one is equal to him.

Do not misunderstand my position for that of a misanthrope.  Humans have their place; they simply have little place in my own existence.  Why would I surrender sovereignty to another?  Why would I waste my time with false feelings of love and compassion for another?  Why would I become close enough to another to show my weaknesses (or strengths) in plain sight?  It is simply not appealing.

I was once married.  I never cared for the man, but I did care about the benefits he could bring me.  Such is my relationship with others.  There are few, if any, that I actually wish to know.  There are none that I can summon affection for.  If I decide to elevate another to a “friend” or paramour, they must have overwhelming benefit that can be provided.  The relationship is one-way.  It will never be two-way.

The naive individual may ask whether I simply self-sabotage efforts to be involved in the delicate dance of human interaction.  Others have told me that I must simply be afraid of human romance and friendship.  They could not be further from the truth.  I eschew that that does not have worth.  A superior has no place with inferiors.  The living have no place with the dead.

Some psychopaths claim that they can care about others in non-traditional ways.  The question I ask is: why would you want to care?  Why place another on the same plane as yourself?  Why not take what is deservedly yours and with great fervor?  The pet has no say in her owner’s disposition nor action.

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