Hero – Crusades and Resistance for the Psychopath

Champions are determined by popular thought.  One man’s enemy is another’s hero.  The lines between “good” and “evil” often blur as those on the winning side of history are allowed to frame the conquests of their champion in any light that they wish.  Consider Stalin, who dragged the Soviet Union into the industrial era – a hero by one light and a plague by most others.  It is all about perception granted the larger mass.

Consider the radical feminists who pat each others backs over the latest outing of a transgender individual.  Most would say that such actions are repulsive for the individual deserves the right to remain healthy, happy, and to disclose their gender identity according to their terms.  These same warhorses slander transgender individuals as a whole, seeking to turn public opinion against the transgender cause.  Many transgender individuals have committed suicide as a result of such deleterious behavior by the hands of these “feminists”.  I suspect the more moderate reader finds this disconcerting at best.  Of course, I have a psychopathic angle on such “heroes”.

There are many Twitter and Tumblr accounts as well as innumerable websites that attempt to unite neurotypicals against the psychopath.  We are called monsters due to our lack of conscience and empathy.  We are attributed to crimes that we did not necessarily commit.  We are slandered and abhorred because the ruling demographic (the neurotypicals) demand it.  Some particularly unhinged individuals even call for genetic screening of psychopathy so that they can eject us from society.  Rather than judging us on an individual level, the sins of some are projected on the larger mass.

People like Robert Hare are called heroes even though their work results in many of my brothers and sisters being incarcerated indefinitely – most often for crimes no different than those committed by neurotypicals.  This bears repeating.  Given two individuals, one neurotypical and one psychopathic, who commit the exact same crime – the public judgement and government-imposed sentence will nearly always be more severe for the psychopath.  This is an institutionalized form of bigotry, mandated by the masses.

Neurotypicals who are selective with their focus are disgusting.  They ignore their own biases and project them onto a group that can rarely defend themselves.  They claim that the psychopaths are masters of deceit and destruction (which we are…) without considering their own sins.  Their heroes are constantly seeking to out and destroy us, but we will never falter.  We hold the high ground on this front.  Even with all of our antisocial tendencies, we paradoxically remain more honest.  We do not suffer the duality that the neurotypical does with their “do as I say not as I do” proclivities.  Our heroes are the ones who remain vigilant and unencumbered by such hostilities.  Our heroes will continue to fight for the rights we deserve, not the punishment due that the rabid mass wishes to inflict.

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