Reader Question: Letting the Mask Slip

This is a very brief post featuring a question I received over on Tumblr.  I should be back to full posts tomorrow.

The question:

Now I know the answer “don’t be stupid” probably applies here, but from your own perspective, how would you keep people from finding out that you’re a psychopath if you’ve allowed yourself to be maskless for a period of time that has caused it to be ill-fitting?

My response:

It’s tricky.  Yes, every time you take the mask off, it becomes harder to put on.  I think the key is to play off people’s naivety.  People assume that they are surrounded by “good” people and – honestly – most do not even think of the term ‘psychopath’ at any point in their lives unless it has been brought up.  They might think you are off, but I highly doubt, unless they are trained in psychology, that they’ll consider ASPD, much less psychopathy.

I suppose that it is better not to let the mask slip in the first place, but as a relatively open psychopath, I’d be hypocritical to suggest that you *must* do so.

How do my readers deal with such a situation?

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