The Promiscuous Psychopath

I met him at the local coffee shop.  He had just been released from the local prison and was then residing in a halfway house for those transitioning back into society.  Before I knew it, I had seduced him and was giving him oral back at my place while my roommate and her kid were downstairs watching kids’ movies.  After sex, I dropped him back off at the coffee shop and never contacted him again.  He was simply a toy to play with and a relatively rare treat for one that does not have sex unless I can break down the other into a state of pure submission.

Psychopaths are notorious for their sexual promiscuity.  Cheating is common as is rampant fathering of children of which the psychopaths will never know their names.  Sexual coercement is not uncommon either.  One of the more straightforward traits of psychopathy, the psychopath’s sexual desire is often unmatched and often runs counter to rules of equality between partners.

I am mostly asexual these days but my past was sexual in a manner that I do not wish to put into words at this time.  For me, sex is power.  I do not have sex for the enjoyment – usually – but rather to exert my dominance over another.  No, I am not a rapist, but I can certainly see the parallels between my view of sex and those who break down all barriers of consent.

In many ways, however, this trait can be misleading.  The person who behaves in a sex-positive (the train of thought that sex should not be shamed and should be acceptable so long as all parties give consent) fashion could still register highly with respect to this trait.  To my knowledge, there is no distinction between cheating and polyamory on this particular item.  Also, employing sex workers would certainly register even if a more progressive view of sexuality would find little wrong.

I find this trait of psychopathy to be a curious one and one that seems somewhat out of place as far as the antisocial-spectrum goes.  For many psychopaths who engage in sex outside of their primary relationship, I can certainly see the antisocial nature.  However, in terms of sex positivity, many would register highly on this trait that should not.

For my antisocial readers, how does sexuality manifest in you?

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