Ultrapowers … Faux Invincibility

Many of my readers, when communicating with me, convey the psychopathic state as being one composed of “superpowers”.  While I suppose that I understand what they are saying on a superficial level, the logical conclusion seems to be a state of invincibility – which could not be further from the truth.  We are grandiose people and our recklessness has offed more of our kind than any other factor it seems.

When they speak of their superpowers, the refrain is almost always the same.  We can manipulate and lie with great ease.  We are not troubled with the pain or joy of others.  We are master parasites that take far more than we give.  And we do this all – and more – without so much as blinking.  The neurotypical struggles with antisocial actions (except when they don’t) and we do not, so would that not essentially be a form of superiority?  I suppose so, although in reality I think we merely approach the human condition from a different direction.  That said, are such grandiose thoughts ultimately detrimental?  I believe so.

Let me make one thing quite clear: I am not advocating a sort of humility when investigating the manifestation of psychopathy in oneself.  Even with my restrained ways these days, I could not even do such.  I’m not going to disrespect the reader by suggesting that she or he do such.  However, I do suggest that reframing is in order.  The distinction between “gifts” and psychopathic superpowers – nay, ultrapowers – is very large.  We can be true to ourselves and recognize that which we are good at without crossing the line into faux invincibility.

The danger that I see is that by viewing the condition of one of superpowers, the psychopath must view themselves as invincible.  Eventually their actions grow more and more fantastic – not unlike the ignition that occurs upon realization – and they eventually cross the line into public enemy number 1.  They become either a social pariah or land in jail and their day is essentially over.

We are cocky and always will be.  However, we need not self-immolate by recklessly thinking that we are invincible.  Recognizing that we are vulnerable and that we are adept with certain gifts can go a long way.  Once the psychopath believes she or he is a god, it is essentially game over.  No ultrapower is going to save them once the wolves of society have been sent after them.

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