Psychopaths and Charm

Psychopaths tend to be both glib and charming.  That is we have tongues that can charm nearly anyone, but in reality we could care less about the target of our words.  You will feel special and cared for when you meet us.  You will hang on our every word and by the time we are done conversing, you will be ready to do nearly anything for us.  We will lift you off of your feet and have you walking on sunshine.  But, the entire time we are not genuine with our words.  In reality we are sizing you up to see what you can bring to our table rather than what we can bring to yours.

The motivation is quite simple, actually.  A charmed target is more likely to bend to our will.  It is psychological warfare at its finest as we break you down without you being aware in the slightest.  The perfectly placed compliment, the feigned interest in your words, and the manner in which we deliver our own words will cause you to act like putty in our hands.

But, you may say, does not everyone exhibit some charm?  Yes.  With psychopathic charm however, the approach is the same with everyone.  Each new face that we meet becomes subject to our voluble ways.  We approach nearly every person and endeavor with such a charm.  Not just paramours.  Not only the person interviewing, nearly everyone.  At our best, we can charm in such a way to where even the most cynical person will fall to our tongues.  It is not just presence, remember, when determining whether a trait rises to the level of that of the psychopath.  It is the pervasiveness as well.  We know no other way.  We would charm ourselves if we could.

It is interesting.  In the year since I was confirmed to be psychopathic by my therapist’s administration of the PCL-R, many of my friends have expressed disbelief that I could appear so invested in their lives only to find out that I did not care in the slightest.  They too fell to my words and actions.  They were subject to my charm.  Yes, I do value them insofar as they alleviate my boredom, but the way in which I appeared to care about their lives, their children, their jobs, as I slithered into their lives was something that they had not experienced before.  My charm has brought me jobs and roofs over my head among innumerable other gifts.  Hey, if they feel that they are letting someone amazing into their lives and I do not bleed them dry, were the means really that relevant?

Even the snake at the beginning of time was slick with its words.  Would Eve have partaken of the forbidden fruit if the devil were not as charming?  Psychopathic charm is undoubtedly one of the greatest tools in our arsenal and it is the trait that many of our acquaintances enjoy the most.  They need not know that we are insincere – at least not until their worlds come crashing down should we have a plan to extract some tangible that we want.


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