Do Not Stand Still

The lack of passion in this world makes me want to vomit.  We are all gods and we can create and destroy.  Either follow a god or be your own god, but don’t stand still.

I am my own god.  I will create with these two hands and I will summon the masses to hang on my every word.  Maybe its megalomania, or maybe I simply have gifts that I choose to use.  Either way, my life will be infinitely more productive and meaningful than most.  It simply maddens me that others do not have the same drive.  They say the world is followed into leaders and followers.  No, there is another, repulsive, group: the do-nothings.  At least the true followers are championing the greater work that the leader brings.

Go forth, make waves, create matter, lay the groundwork for the one you follow, but do not stand still.  Not for one instant.  Few psychopaths do more than stand still; they flail with eternal excitement like a kid in a candy store – they never make anything of their talents and willingness to take risk.  They are wastes.  Neurotypicals may be better followers, but most do not take the time to truly work for their champion.  They go to church, writing off the trouble as a necessity.  They fulfill the tasks of their boss without the deep realization and appreciation for the potential of the larger business at hand.  They do because they know no different – they lack the passionate energy that true leaders and followers have.  They are do-nothings.

Latch onto something or someone that you care about if you cannot lead yourself.  Time waits for no one – god nor man.  I don’t know how much time I have and I know that I prefer not to be a follower, but I certainly prefer not to be a do-nothing.  I am my own god and I will always surround myself with the passionate followers that I deserve.

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