Discussing the Taboo

Journalists like to claim that there are two sides to every story.  With many subjects, this is simply not the case as one side is often considered as supporting the taboo and unmentionable aspects of the human condition.  Whether it is one’s love for hook suspension, heavy BDSM, or – in my case – the possession of psychopathic personality traits, many are often silenced due to the subject matter that is important to them.

Discourse is exceptionally important and no voice should be made mute.  I am not arguing that every viewpoint has merit nor that anything but logic should be applied when evaluating such views.  What I am arguing, is that the mere topic at hand is not enough to warrant silencing another.  Many things that are taboo are quite logical under the surface.  Most things considered taboo are taboo because few will let the subject have its name uttered.

For instance, with psychopathy, all with the condition are considered lost and unredeemable.  While I am, undoubtedly, the exception and not the rule, I am proof enough that such a statement is unquestionably false.  Yes, I have resources – such as therapy – and an intellectual bent that ensure that my antisocial and parasitic side is tamed (to the best that is possible), but, nonetheless, I suspect that I am not the only one with an academic interest in learning – and participating in discussion – about the condition.  Only through discourse, will the subject become less taboo and open for true inspection.

Yes, it is difficult to participate in discussions regarding the taboo.  It must be done, however, if there is any hope for logical discourse rather than attacks of the most fanciful and stigmatizing fashion.  To this end, I vow – as I have always – to treat and portray my mental illnesses with brutal honesty and transparency.  Wearing kid gloves will not further discussion in a logical fashion even if many, naively, would treat such as more meaningful for removing stigma.

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