Recap – January / February 2014

Given my relative lack of posting in January, I’m combining January and February into one recap.  As usual, this is a selection of 5-9 posts from the recap period that either I or my readership found interesting.

Bait and Switch – A post on how many of us drop our masks once the interpersonal relationships we’ve created have solidified.

Shattered – Every time our mask cracks, we must do damage control.

Naive – Neurotypicals will often ignore all evidence to the contrary in order to avoid confronting a perceived demon head on.

D.I.Y. – Only as individuals can we ensure our freedom and our standing in society.  Psychopaths do not get a free pass due to their condition.

Wildfire – Ambiguity is to the psychopath’s advantage.

Godlike – We have the power to create and destroy.  Sometimes we forget another option: ambivalent restraint.

Worms – What purpose is there for the psychopath?

Antivenom – All interactions take two (or more).  The other can leave if the fire of the psychopath burns too hot.

Targeted Indifference – Why waste effort on larger group dynamics and advances if there is no benefit to the individual?

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