I do not possess conscience.  I have no value judgement toward such a fact.  I think that it would be foolish to categorically state that the absence of a conscience is better than the presence of one.  The naive might presume that the difference between presence and absence is merely a focus on whether society should be held first or the individual when an action must favor one to the detriment of another.  Such an approach forgets that humans have free will and that conscience is merely a suggestion, not a decree.

I may not have the internal discussion that others find automatic when it comes to making choices regarding benefit at the expense of others or sacrifice at the expense of myself, but I am not required to always choose the former.  The analogue is that those who possess conscience need not always pick actions that lead to a pro-social outcome.  People can choose to act on their perspective or not.

I am the sole force and contributor in my interactions with others.  I am not left with any feeling that rewards, or penalizes, me for choosing one behavior over another.  I am, however, subject to consequences for my actions.  Whether or not one possesses conscience, it is those consequences that have the ultimate say.  Neurotypicals may feel remorse for having chosen in opposition to the will of their conscience, but it is the impact on the self from the action that should hold greater weight.  Such makes sense to me.

My tales of destruction for personal gain and satisfaction have waned in the past year or so as I have come to realize that a lack of conscience – and empathy – do not give me a free pass.  I am no different in a very fundamental sense:  I am not above the punishment and consequences handed down by society for acting antisocially.  I may not have an angel and demon on my shoulders making me “feel” the impact of the actions I can choose, but I still have my mind.  My cold logic dictates that I must walk a more pro-social path.  To reiterate, whether or not one possesses conscience cannot affect the presence of consequences.  I am honest with this fact.  Are you?


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