Anyone that deals with me voluntarily should realize that they are dealing with poison.  I am rarely concerned with anything but benefit when it comes to interpersonal relationships, and only those that I respect on a profound level are relatively safe from my tricks.

It is nothing personal.  People are tools, to be used when I need them and, otherwise, left aside for potential future use.  I am parasitic.  Parasitism is my “strongest” sociopathic trait.  If my host is not actively trying to swat me, I certainly will try to gather as much blood as I can before I hunger again.

The cure is quite simple, actually.  Just as a homeowner with valued possessions would be insane to lack a security system, you must have a security system for your relationships with others.  If someone too good to be true comes along, they might just be that.  The world is not a Utopian place and never will be.  Instead of looking for the “good” in others, look for the “evil”.

I am distrustful of others because I know the mindset that I have.  I realize that others are not required to – and more often than not, do not – have such a mindset, but my wiring gives me insight into others that do.  Another who is carrying a smile might as well be holding a knife.

No, the best the NT can hope for when dealing with the sociopath is damage control.  You can win our respect or leave.  The latter is much more likely to succeed.  Those that I respect are off limits, but the bar to clear is probably higher than any NT will ever be able to rise to.  As much as society wants to abhor the sociopath, they need to remember that it takes two to tango.  Either party can stop the music.

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