Having power means having the ability to both create and destroy.  Unlike the God of the Old Testament, I normally have no need nor want to allow for redemption for those my creations that have failed me.   The fire of destruction is clean and pure, and seems often the better route to take with the failures around me.

Any endeavor or interpersonal relationship that I engage in is of my own choosing.  I do not waste my time with that which I do not perceive to be beneficial.  Sometimes, the bar that I set is very low.   The worth of another in my life may simply be the alleviation of boredom that they bring.  Other times, the bar is very high,   In all cases, I know that I hold the power to determine when my endeavors die.

I think there is a tendency for the sociopath to choose euthanasia over a long-term rehabilitation for those items around her that fail.  Acquaintanceship often ends by my hand over the most minor of failings on the other’s part and I will, undoubtedly, end many more.  I do not suffer fools and I am quick to pull the plug on the life support that holds our interpersonal relationship intact.

All endeavors and interpersonal relationships are gambles.  The benefit of being “godlike” is that you have ultimate say in both their growth and end.  Will you be a god of indifference or of nurture?  Vengeance or forgiveness?  I am not one to watch my efforts wither and die in front of me.  I’d rather take the proverbial dog out back and put a bullet in its skull than to watch it gasp for air.

This is black and white thinking, however – that there can only be absolute success or absolute failure regarding creation.  Torching everything around me when my friends or creations eventually “fail” has gotten me little.  I am holding everything to a standard that no one and nothing – not even myself – can meet.  No, I need to more like that god that I often decry.  I need to be ruthless with my pruning of the thorns around me, but I also need to try and let things flourish rather than choosing napalm for retaliation against every transgression and setback.  Yes, being godlike means that one has the power to create and destroy every endeavor in one’s life.  However, we should not forget – as I am want to – that there exists another option: ambivalent restraint.

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