Neurotypicals are not required to be any more ethical nor moral than sociopaths.  Many times, others are not that different at all from the sociopath.  Just as we run our calculations to determine whether antisocial or prosocial behavior is beneficial for a desired outcome, the neurotypical does the same when determining whether an arbitrary group is worthy of hate and scorn, suffering and punishment.

Their bloodlust is really not that different than ours.  Whereas ours tends to be impersonal and undirected, the destructive forces of the neurotypical are directed toward any group that is deemed anathema to the neurotypical’s own circle.  Whether it is Republicans slandering Democrats, Democrats accusing Republicans of hating women, or many’s disdain toward other groups such as the polyamorous or atheists, it merely is the want of a grouping to assert their own power and dominion over another.  Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  These are not that dissimilar from those power plays that the sociopath may engage in.

Yet the antisocial are particularly damned.  We are iconoclasts to the “utopian” desires of the prosocial.  Neurotypicals claim their moral high ground but are quick to condemn those that are unlike them.  They want to believe that the realm of antisocial and violent behavior is restricted to those with ASPD and/or sociopathy, and never consider that they could be deviltouched just the same.  Rather than considering only the actions of others, they prod our brains looking for excuses to excommunicate us forever.  They cite our lack of remorse and regret, yet they show none of their own when they sentence us to disproportionately long prison terms.  They justify their own crimes as those of “passion” and, when they act out, their actions are seen as anomalous rather than entrenched.

No, we are not required to be that different.  As I’ve said many times, I simply believe that the sociopath is more honest with the dark tendencies inside of every human being.  All humans are swine under the right conditions.  Sociopaths are not the only ones covered in shit, piss, and blood.

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