Violent Peace

It has been interesting watching the dynamic of ASPD/ASPD interactions over at Sociopath Street.  There has been a mix of primarily intelligent discourse, some flaming, and general agreement to disagree.  It seems that, at least in that space, that the general rule is that it is possible for ASPD/sociopathic individuals to coexist in the same place without the world being burned to the ground.

I am not sure how sociopaths and ASPD individuals would get along in real life.  Sociopaths, in particular, tend to fixate on advantage and control.  If two parties are primarily concerned about the same relative superiority, then how could two exist in the same space?  I have met, only in passing, very few sociopaths in real life.  The dynamic in online interaction seems to have potential for common “good” even if the motives of any individual need not be “pure”.

I think that a friend of mine summed it up best (paraphrased):

There is no relative advantage to be had in forums such as this.  The playing field is equal and it is in our own best interest to be respectful and to contribute.  Maybe we are here and interacting for amusement; maybe we are here in order to learn more about others and ourselves.  Ultimately, the end result is the same and as long as there is not a power differential, the relative goodwill for most should remain

I think they hit the nail on the head.   The online dynamic between ASPD/sociopathic individuals, especially in a forum setting, results in no immediate benefit or power for those that act antisocially.  The motives for why individuals choose to contribute to an articulate and intelligent discourse of the subject does not matter.  The end result is still the same:  information is gained and shared and no one gets burned too badly.  I will never be able to put the word “community” in anything but quotes when it comes to the ASPD-spectrum, but I am pleased to see that there can be a violent peace if the incentive is right.

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