Recap – December 2013

Once again, the last post of the month is merely a recap of posts that were well received by my audience or considered required reading by myself.

Backstory (six posts) – link goes to the first post in the series; the following five finish the arc.  These are a highly,  highly, condensed version of my life and how I got to diagnosis.

Discourse – A post on why intelligent discourse from all sides in a conversation is vital to understanding any human condition.

Motives … Under The Microscope – Why is it that only the motives of the “enemy” are only the ones ever considered?  If motives really are that important, shouldn’t we look at everyone’s?

Carrot – It is not that the ASPD-spectrum individual cannot act pro-socially.  We just may need appropriate incentive.

Picking Their Bones Clean – Discourse fails when blood is deemed more important than the message at hand.

Empathy as a Weapon – Empathy comes with a price.

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