Motives … Under the Microscope

Those that know I am psychopathic are obsessed with my motives.  Every action and every word is under the microscope.   They assume that I must be up to something nefarious at all times.  At the least, they believe that I must have an angle of some sort because I am so focused on myself and the benefits to be had.  This last statement is true more often than not.  I rarely act without a tangible benefit.  Whether it is a symbiotic interpersonal relationship or ensuring that certain perceptions are upheld, I do tend to act in a manner that ensures that I am in control and with benefit.

However, the focus on motives by those around me seems limited to placing those that are different under the microscope.  No one asks the priest what his motives are for preaching.  No one asks the good samaritan what her motives are for helping someone.  The fixation is solely on those that are perceived to have an antisocial angle.  As with many things neurotypicals do, this greatly confuses me.

Why does the motive matter if there is mutual benefit?  The waiters at fine restaurants that I go to are friendly and sociable not necessarily because that is their latent state with strangers.  It is much more likely that their demeanor is such because their financial livelihood depends on it.  We do not get hung up on the fact that such potential insincerity exists; we are much more concerned that our dining experience is excellent.  We do not question the motives of the EMT that saves the life of another; we are gracious that such was done.  Why should motives only matter to those that are perceived to be plague-bearers?

I may try to determine the motives of others, only because it gives me insight on how to play the game better with them and with others.  Otherwise, I simply do not care.  The motive need not matter as long as there is benefit for me.

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