Edit, March 2014 – Sociopath Street was an interesting experiment but was one that did not succeed.  The website now points to this blog, where discourse will continue.

I like to think that I am merely providing another perspective on an often misunderstood condition.  Yes, my narcissism loves the readership that this blog brings, but really, at its core, this blog is meant to be a place where an intelligent and “queer” psychopath can add perspective to a conversation that desperately needs more voices.

Discourse is important.  Society tries to prevent discourse from those that they’ve excommunicated.  There must be input from the oppressed and misunderstood.  Likewise there must be input from those in power and with privilege.  No word should be muted.  Criticized possibly, but never silenced.

Discourse allows for knowledge.  Discourse allows for one to learn from another – possibly another that the former previously considered an enemy.  I’ve stressed the need to ask questions of thyself, but you must also be willing to ask questions of your allies and enemies.

I have been fortunate to have corresponded with many ASPD-spectrum individuals.  I have learned much from them.  I want to learn even more – about our differences and our similarities.

Taking after a frighteningly adorable nickname self-imposed by many ASPD individuals on tumblr, I am proud to present what could be another outlet for such knowledge.  www.sociopathstreet.com is a forum dedicated to ASPD-spectrum discussion.  It is intended to be a refuge for the intelligent ASPD individual that often has her voice drowned in a sea of misinformation and false membership.

I encourage you to read my blog, but I likewise encourage you to add to the discussion that will happen there.  I could have integrated such forum functionality on this site, but I decided that it was more important for the focus to be on the spectrum as a whole.  I did not want to mute that conversation with my own narcissism.  Association can imply ownership, and I do not wish to own those badly needed conversations.

Everyone has something to say.  Only by listening, can we grow ourselves.  Criticism and discounting of ideas may be appropriate, but there should be no restraint on the ability to speak itself.

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