I often am confused by others’ focus on proclivities rather than actions.  I’ve never been convicted of any crimes.  I’ve never physically assaulted anyone.  I may have a sordid past, but these days everyone who interacts with me tends to get some benefit.  Why should my wiring and my latent state matter at all?  As long as I show restraint toward antisocial behavior, why should my psychopathic nature be relevant?

Is not encouraging restraint the whole point of authority and law?  Does it really matter that the driver in front of you wants to speed in order to get where they are going more quickly if they don’t actually speed?  Should it be relevant that someone had thoughts of assault during an argument at a bar if they refrain from shattering their beer bottle over their adversary’s head?  There are many, psychopathic or not, in this world at any given moment that want to exert their dominance by force.  Such desires are reality for them.  However, I firmly believe that others should be judged for their actions, not their desires.  The alternative is a world of thought crime.

I’m not in jail.  Others gain some benefit with their interactions with me.  I go to functions that require my presence and I honor the dead even if I cry no tears.  Is this not good enough?  Why are others so fixated on the actions that could be when I am constantly ensuring that they won’t be.

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