Recap – October 2013

You know the drill by now.  The last day of the month is set aside to recap, with bonus commentary, what I consider to be “required reading” from the past month.  Let’s jump right in:

Denial – I’ve never wanted to be a psychopath or to be not one.  I just want my life to be as fulfilling as possible with as much success as possible.  If having a label associated with my demons helps me understand myself better as a whole, so be it.

LD-50 – The parasite that kills their host ensures their own extinction.  A balancing act for any parasitic person must be to ensure that the host is kept reasonably happy while still providing the benefit that makes the acquaintanceship worthwhile.

Disgust – The overly emotional make my blood boil.  My life is spent seeking solutions for my own inconveniences.  Why would I want to surround myself with those that cannot find any such solutions for their own lives?

Abandoned – A detour into the interaction of Borderline Personality Disorder and psychopathy. As one who has both conditions, I find it especially difficult to rein in my behavior to ensure that those I’ve snared do not leave me.  The only acceptable exit is the one that I initiate.

Judge, Jury, and Executioner – Society, which is made primarily of non-psychopaths, abandons restraint and ethics when it comes to their treatment of, and stigma towards, psychopaths.  They’ve decide out fate, given us our sentence, and would gleefully execute the sentence if they could.

Some Kind of Monster – The companion post to “Judge, Jury, and Executioner”.  Society often persecutes because those that came before did the same or for any number of other idiotic reasons.  They do not stop to think whether the persecuted really deserve it.  Even “monsters” may have merit.

Desecration – Society wants a binary, but binaries are few and far between.  Those closer to the middle than the edges suffer the worst because of it.

Cookie Jar – How does one determine that they do not have a conscience?  I had to ask several non-psychopaths.  Their commentary is present in this post.

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