No new material today.  This musing first appeared on my tumblr account.

By ignoring the moral value of another’s actions I am free to reevaluate their worth on a continuous basis.  I am free of such emotional or moral memory.

What this means is that because I could care less about morality in general, not to say that I do not know moral from immoral, that I evaluate people in the present.  I could care less if you were at church every Sunday and saved orphans from a fire years ago.  I could care less if you robbed a bank and stabbed a guy a few weeks ago.  I evaluate you in the present.

I’m no idiot, however.  I can gauge whether you are useful to me or not in the present.  If I sense that you are about to get your stab on, I’m not going to stick around.  What I am saying, however, is that your past actions do not cause me to inherently fear or elevate you in any way.  I’m essentially performing a calculation, at all times, of whether you benefit me.  I am impartial to your history.

This means that I can be the friend when others won’t because I could care less of your immoral past.  It also means I won’t be swindled by the actual thief whose aura of morality, because they saved those orphans, has eclipsed their actual being and true proclivities.  I watch, I learn.  I learn, I react.  I react, I win.  At all times, the aura or shadow of the resource means nothing.  This can benefit both of us

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