The irritable psychopath is not a pleasant person.  Our poor behavioral control means that we can detonate with the simplest of mishandling and often there may be no good way to engage us if we are irritable.  Personally, I can never tell what sets me off, but I can recognize the fire in my eyes when I am such.  When I am irascible, you best leave me alone.  Something as simple as locking eyes could make you my enemy.

There seems to be no rhyme nor reason as to why some things set me off.  Something as minor as inconvenient news may have me plotting your total destruction.  Something as major as slamming into my vehicle and driving off?  Not so much.  I wouldn’t say that irritability is a constant state, either.  However, some things cause us to enter that state, and once we are in it, it is best to handle with care or stay as far away as possible.  Like nitroglycerin, the irritable psychopath is ready to blow if mishandled.

I like to think of psychopathy as being a hyper-elevated state of being logical.  It is logical to be self-serving.  It is logical, and advantageous, to not get wrapped up in the pitfalls of emotional empathy.  However, our irascibility is not logical.  We lash out like four year-olds, frustrated with everything but not exactly knowing why.  The more anti-social side of me kicks in when I am like this.  When you’ve gotten caught in the storm, I am imagining everything from taking away the positives in your life to assault.  Honestly, the only mistake others around me often make during these times are to be nearby.  Like triggering a Claymore, there was no intent in contributing to my angered state, but the destruction will still be total.

A few days ago, someone gave me bad news that requires inconsequential effort on my end to address.  The bad news did not, alone, anger me, but the way in which the news was delayed and presented caused me to shed any boundaries on my abilities.  In the days since, I have been nothing short of a nightmare to those crossing my path.  The trivial interactions that these people have had with me have only fueled my rage and irritability even if they meant no harm.  Ultimately it doesn’t matter, until I cool back down, these people are playing with fire.  No one has been ruined or harmed yet, but the energy required by me to stay on the side of morality and lawfulness has been immense.

I am curious if other psychopaths have found patterns to what causes them to enter this state of anger, wrath, and irritability.  I am frustrated with my mindset during this time, because I feel that it is an abandonment of logic.  I feel that I must burn those around me, but I don’t know why.  God help you if you are foolish enough to actively bait me during this time.  You won’t get a chance to do it again.


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