No new content today.  If you missed them, here are some choice posts from the last month and a half with brief commentary explaining what the posts are about.  I’m going to try and do one of these ‘recaps’ on the last day of every month given the growing readership and the non-obvious, but intentional, naming scheme I use for posts.  Remember, that you can follow me on Twitter: @Psychogendered (you can follow with one click from the widget on the right side of the blog pages) and can contact me with any questions you may have.

Conscience – A look at how questions of morality do not enter the psychopath’s thought process when doing “good” or “bad”.

Passing (2 posts) – What it means to remain in the shadows and to be perceived as a member of a socially accepted group.  The first post deals with transgenderism, the second with psychopathy.

Momentary – My personal experience from not being able to value anything but the present.  My past and future mean nothing.

Regret – Two posts, LGT first post.  Specifically looks at any regrets I have over being transgender and how those regrets are shaped by my psychopathy.

Cull – The psychopath often leaves relationships and friendships on a whim.  But is this really a bad thing or do we just know our wants and desires better than most?

Diagnosis (3 posts) – A look at the emotions and thoughts I had when being diagnosed as a psychopath and what I intend to make of the present and the future as a result of that diagnosis.

Vortex – A look into self-centeredness

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