One of the greatest gifts of my psychopathy is that I place no value judgement on the actions of myself or others.  Where many would have a visceral and emotional reaction to seeing a cat rescued from a tree or of seeing a person con another out of life savings, I do not.  Whereas some would be quick to place morality, or value judgement, on such actions, I do not.  I can see clearly, merely taking in the information at hand and evaluating how it affects me.  I am not blown off-course by looking at the morality of it.

I believe that moral value-judgement is incestuously tied to emotional remembrance.  In other words, I believe that we imprint the emotional memory of a person because of the value-judgement we place on their actions.  I would argue that this is extremely disadvantageous.  Would we be more likely to ignore the sudden wrath of an acquaintance if we remembered that she had helped us previously during some of our darker times?  Would we be even more likely if we had a deep-seated warmth toward her because we had assigned her previous action as ‘moral’?  Wouldn’t we just suffer amnesia of the moment as we let such a person walk over us because we are so wrapped up in the feeling of their morality in the past?  I think the answer is yes.

This goes the other direction as well.  What if our first impression of another person was the time in which we saw them backstab a coworker?  By assigning such a deep value-judgement of immorality, we may never be able to solicit their friendship or services in the future.  We’d be so wrapped up in the emotional memory of that immoral action that we would not allow ourselves to use a potential outlet for our own growth.  We would be handicapping ourselves for what I believe to be arbitrary reasons.

With my flavor of psychopathy, I don’t worry about either of these scenarios.  I view people for their worth that they bring to the table in the moment.  Yes, I am able to be wronged by another person and I can seek holy vengeance in order to satisfy my anger as a result.  However, this anger does not stem from a value-judgement of morality but rather whether the interaction in question benefited me or actively harmed me.  The difference is subtle but very important.  The emotional memory from the reference frame of morality that we superimpose on others’ actions can only harm us.  I prefer to let the individual reinvent themselves in the moment and to let them constantly prove their worth to me.  The alternative is simply self-detrimental.  I am impartial; I let the actions of the moment determine one’s worth in that moment.  I do not rely on such primitive value-judgements of the past.


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