Business (nothing more)

It surprises me to no end that many cannot separate action from intent.  Many people take actions personally even if the perpetrator had no real feelings behind their motivation.  People want to assume that if someone does ‘right’ by them, it is because they care; if someone does ‘wrong’ it must be because of some vendetta. Why does it have to be one of the two?  Can’t an action be done just as a means to an end, with no moral inclination driving it?

We psychopaths are masters of the act that has no moral alignment.  We switch jobs and signification others on a whim out of boredom or necessity.  We con because we can.  We continue punishable actions long after the consequences have left because it suits us.  We do not necessarily do any of these out of spite or anger or any other feelings toward the ‘victim’.  To us, our interactions with others are purely business and are not due toward some malice (or elevation) of our target.  We may tell you that we love you and take you to your favorite show, but it is not guaranteed that we are doing this because we care; we simply realize that in order to maintain the relationships (or hosts) around us, we must do such.  We may twist the knife in your back and steal your savings, but, once again, such is simply because you were there – not because we hold ill feelings toward you?  If we can do such things in a purely business-like fashion, why is it that much more mundane acts cannot be fathomed by most to be without positive or negative intent?

I find it further amusing that many find the disconnect between action and intent so unbelievable as this can be argued to be using a trait that they want to place in the realm of the psychopath: megalomania.  How self-centered must a person be to believe that actions against them must be the result of good or evil intent?  I realize that others may do good or wrong to me just because.  I realize this because I am apt to do the same to others.  I may be self-absorbed, but I do not delude myself into believing that others must have an internal alignment that corresponds with actions they do unto me.  I am very curious how other psychopaths feel on this front.

When we psychopaths say that our interactions with others may be ‘just business’, we truly mean it.  We do not feel the need to power our actions with emotions and intent that are specific to our target.  Why others assume that there must be such benevolence or malevolence behind our actions is quite beyond me.  It is quite possible that my interactions with you may be for self-serving purposes.  However, it is also quite possible that I’m simply moving on and that the importance you thought you possessed of me was simply a dream.


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