White (Lies)

People tend to tune out that which is uncomfortable.  The fact that not everyone possesses good? Rejected as the consequence of such a truth is mind-shattering for them.  The fact that they will one day die?  Put on the back burner as an unpleasant thought unworthy of investigation.  The fact that modern Western society champions stick figures for women and that they are not such a stick?  Blocked out because the impact on their own personal life is distressing.  People lie to themselves or avoid unpleasant truths all the time.  And for the most part they are fine with this.  However, if another tells a white lie, which is essentially the same falsehood, they may take it and think that their friend or acquaintance is untrustworthy and facetious.  Why the disconnect?

A lot of this may stem from Western religion and society.  Whereas Eastern religion focuses on the family unit and transience of life, modern implementations Western religion (and society) promotes the self and often treats the question of life as a quick question that can be solved by answering the question of ‘who is your God’ correctly.  We have been raised to defer our own struggles and sufferings to another rather than tackling it head on.  Western culture does not take kindly to such existential questions and by extension, questions of localized distress.  Would it not be a natural extension for others to lie in order to preserve that deference of such questions?  Why focus on building on one’s self-esteem when we can just reach to another for a white lie, that we believe to be true, to ease that pain?  Yet, we are distressed when we find out that another is lying.  It is as if we are leaning on God to avoid our suffering and then finding out at the end that he does not care.  We feel betrayed.  We feel anger.  Yet, we still do not make ourselves focus on the true question at hand:  how do we take our own lives into our own control rather than assuming someone or something else will?

Giving conjecture based solely off personal experience, I think the psychopath is much more suited to tackling these questions head on without the assistance of white lies that others require, yet loathe.  We are masters of deception and recognize when others are doing the same.  We may live in a very momentary fashion, but I do not believe we suffer the same delusions that many others do.  We may not have the best plan of action to move forward and correct the inconveniences in our lives, but we recognize they exist.  Maybe I am biased because I am an atheist, but I believe that I alone control the successes, failures, and limitations of my life.  White lies of my immortality and ability to do anything may stroke my ego, but I still realize that they are white lies.  Unlike others, I do not take offense to such lies.  White lies are merely tools to elicit an emotional response of another person.  They are simply equipment in the game.

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