Privilege is a tricky subject.  It leads to such troubling, yet loaded from a certain perspective, questions such as whether it is possible to not be racist and be white.  Privilege is a state of being that is out of the control of the one who exhibits it.  Privilege, from a psychopathic worldview, is having an unfair advantage in the game of life without any of your own skill.  The psychopath may not be troubled by this unfair advantage if it leads to desired results, but it is still against the spirit of gamesmanship that many psychopaths live by.  Males have privilege that females do not.  Whites have privilege that blacks do not.  Christians have privilege, in many areas, that atheists do not.  The cisgender have privilege that the transgender do not. So on and so forth.

So what of the transgenderist?  For the transgender male they have come into privilege that they did not posses prior.  For the transgender female, they yield privilege.  Such are side effects of presenting a different sex and gender inconsistent with what is expected from birth.  The vast majority of transgenderists probably do not consider such elevation or deflation of privilege in their calculations when deciding to transition.  Mitigating the dysphoria is the top priority.  However, could this privilege be gamed and are some right to point out that such privilege shifts are detrimental to marginalized groups?

It is certainly easy to see how the transgender male could game privilege.  By slipping into a space where masculinity is championed, they can easily avoid many issues of female inferiority that were imposed on them by society in the past.  Granted, a lookup of one’s legal sex could eradicate this and leave them lower on the totem than ever before, but in many day to day operations and interactions, they would have an advantage over other members of their sex.  By being perceived as ‘wholly’ male, the transgender male can achieve things that he would not have been able to.  The psychopathic transgender male could especially use this privilege, realizing its existence and combining it with his expertise in deception and manipulation, to achieve great things.

What of the transgender female?  She has given up her privilege in order to satisfy her dysphoria.  Is there any advantage to be had there?  Not nearly as much.  She may be able to slip into gendered spaces that society would have harmed her for entering into in the past.  But this is not privilege, this is merely deception even if the intent is not impure.  I think it would be possible for the psychopath to gain this in order to hide certain aggressive behaviors or traits that are not typically associated with females.  For instance, violence and crime may be easier to get away with because many in society, wrongfully, believe that males can only commit such acts.   It may be easier for the violent transgendered female to commit acts due to their physiological advantage, although there is no research on this front or the one mentioned in the previous sentence.  I suspect that transgender males have more privilege but transgender females can game the system better.  Certainly the latter is irrelevant for the more morally inclined.  Regardless, the stakes are high should the transgender male or female choose criminality.  The combination of cisgender privilege and potentially being imprisoned with members of their biological sex can be devastating.

So what of those groups (some sects of feminism) that are up in arms over the distribution of privilege that transgenderists have?  Many feminists freak out that one would willingly ‘leave their ranks’ by becoming male in form.  Those same feminists believe that the inclusion of transgender females taints their ranks with privilege from the male sex.  They don’t realize the intense dysphoria that many transgenderists feel.  It is not about desecration, but honoring one’s self.  Even your psychopathic, transgender author is not trying to delegitimize the struggles women face due to privilege.  These feminists, which do not reflect all feminists, are merely using what I would argue to be psychopathic traits in order to solidify their ranks.  The are immoral as they claim to be moral.  At least the psychopath doesn’t claim such rubbish.  They are creating yet another ‘us versus them’ mentality within their ranks and marginalizing a group that holds little privilege by any fashion.  The transgender male may have privilege, but only so long as he is not discovered.  The transgender female has no privilege.

Privilege can certainly help or hinder the transgenderist.  Combining this privilege with a fondness for deception can propel the transgender male to extraordinary heights.  Relying on cunning rather than privilege can help the transgender female make up for the privilege they lost.  The psychopath armed with knowledge of the systems in place can be especially successful.  However, this can all come crashing down should the transgenderist be discovered.


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