Even though humans possess a great deal of choice, we delude ourselves to believe in immutables in order to protect ourselves from that which we don’t want to accept.  Humans do not fear black and white, they fear the shades of grey.

What would be the implications if gender presentation and identity could be a choice for an individual?  Would it really be that different from choosing to convert from Catholicism to Islam?  From omnivore to vegetarian?  Of course, the social conservatives would flip out with diatribes about sin and the conscious choices that lead to it.  However, I also think the left side of the spectrum would lose it as well.  Their narrative is that gender identity is fixed from birth and thus should be protected from the whims of the majority as having characteristics that are uncontrollable for the individual.  Would the standards of care have to change if gender identity was not fixed from birth?  Should they change?

I am not trying to imply that gender identity is not fixed from birth for some – probably most – transgenderists.  But I do believe that some people who undergo HRT for gender dysphoria have not had that dysphoria as long as they can remember.  I should know; I am one of them.  It would be premature to go into the details at this time, but I spent most of my life content with the gender congruent to my physical sex.  I lied to many professionals in order to jump through the hoops of the standards of care that are designed to weed people like me out.  Yes, I have some regrets, but not for the reasons you may think.  Consider this a teaser for a future post.  But, I digress.

So what would be those implications if many realized that people like me do exist?  That people may change their bodies counter to the narrative that the left and the medical community wants us to believe?  Being a psychopath who lives life as one big game, I don’t see why there should be any major implications.  I can be slow to accept responsibility for my actions, although solely for strategic reasons, but I do accept the consequences of the evolution I have chosen.  People should be able to do what they want with their bodies and their lives regardless of how it affects themselves.  But, dear reader, you may object as so: ‘but we need to protect people from themselves, from ruining their lives’! While noble, I think it treats everyone as children.  Ultimately, it would just attempt to place validity in a non-provable truth.  I do not believe that gender necessarily must be fixed from birth.  I do believe that people should be able to choose whether to change their bodies for any reason even if their gender identity only temporarily shifts.  Shades of grey can, and do, exist.

One of the greatest gifts of being a psychopath is that I do not believe in truth that cannot be immediately observed.  We are all playing a game, hoping to win, but hopefully prepared to lose.  Maybe that, in and of itself, is the greatest implication from knowing that people like me exist.  It shatters the ‘truth’ that we have been conditioned to believe: that gender is immutable and that all people possess good.  Because we are human, we have choice.  Because we have choice, universal truth regarding many aspects of the human condition are unobtainable.  And, without that universal truth, we must allow others to live the lives they wish or else we are imprisoning them in a false cell.  We must allow people like me to exist.

To wrap up on a curious note: where is the left in protecting us psychopaths using similar logic to that I opened this post with?  Psychopathy has a heavy genetic component.  Why does the left stand by and let us be indefinitely incarcerated after committing minor crimes?  Is there not a more humane solution for the blight we can inflict upon society?  Where will they be if and when society decides that all the psychopaths need rounded up and shipped off?


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