Psychogendered – An Introduction

So what is this blog all about?

The title of this site and blog is a double entendre. Psychogender is an archaic term that describes one’s perception of their own gender.  This psychogender may be different than the one traditionally determined by one’s anatomical sex.  I am transgender, although the subtleties of what this actually means will become apparent over the coming months.  Psychogender is also an amalgamation of two words: psychopath and transgender.  Yes, dear reader, I am also a psychopath.

Now, psychopathy tends to get a bad rap.  It is not necessary that a psychopath be a violent person; in fact, many of us are not.  I am not a violent psychopath.  Psychopathy tends to describe a certain suite of traits, thought immutable in many circles, that can be the results of genetics, upbringing, or both.  We deceive in order to get that we want.  We could care less about your problems and your emotions, except insofar as they serve us.  We tend to be impulsive and rash with little consideration of what the future may hold.  However, we are not necessarily ‘good’ or ‘evil’.  We tend to be amoral.  The world, and our lives, are merely a game that is played out on a day to day basis with winners and losers.  You may have met one of us – we make up roughly one percent of the human population.  You may have been hurt by us, you may have been charmed by us, and you may have even found us to be quite pleasant folk to be around.  By and large though, our actions with others are ‘just business’.  There is nothing personal about our interactions with you.

You may be repulsed by what you learn, but you will learn that it is not nearly what the movies make it out to be.  And that, along with gender issues and my gender journey, are what I hope you get out of this blog.

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