Why Psychopath Recovery Sites are Flawed

There are a seemingly infinite number of websites for those seeking to recover from abusive relationships.  Of these, a non-trivial number focus on relationships in which the “survivor” swears that their ex must have been a “psychopath.”  This is asinine for two reasons: by sheer probability, the odds that such an abusive relationship was with an actual psychopath is small, and it creates paranoia for those that should know better.

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Heading into the Fire – All-Out War with no Army

A Tumblr user asked:

What are your current motivations for blogging and speaking so relentlessly?

I seethe.  I’m tired of seeing disproportionate sentences handed out to my brethren.  I’m angry at the stigma that I face for not possessing affective empathy.  I curse this existence that seems so monochrome, so shallow.  I head into the fire, ready to advance my cause.  Our cause.  My cause.  Our cause.  My cause.  My cause.  There are countless others that fight for what they believe in for relatively inconsequential gain for inconsequential people.  Where are the autistics that should be allied with us?  How about the queer?  How about the dirty?  No, this is a fight that is fought on a singular front.  There are no allies.  There are no armies.  There are only the tiniest handful of motivated individuals willing to put their standing on the line.  Their cause.  My cause.  Their cause.  My cause.  My cause.  I see the resemblance in us all, but ultimately megalomania dictates that I fight for myself and myself alone.  No one else is coming along for the ride.  Head into the fire.

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Duplicity – Being Yourself in a Society that Dismisses Individuality

We are taught at an early age to “be ourselves.”  This is dangerous advice for the heretics of society.  It is no secret that the subtext of such a statement should read “but show no flaws.”  Even then, the designation of what makes up a flaw is subject to debate by the masses.  Maybe an individual registers on the autistic spectrum and has their authenticity denied by a society that demands behavioral conformity.  Maybe, like myself, you are antisocial or psychopathic and your affective empathy is highly stunted.  There are penalties to being yourself in many cases.  It’s interesting.  Progressives championing multiculturalism and individuality claim to be for everyone, but even they are selective as to who should apply.  Conservatives are no better on this front.  In the end, “being yourself” is duplicitous advice, not because of any detriment that the individual brings to the table, but rather because of the repercussions brought by a society hell bent on assimilation.

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Video: Are “Psychopath Survivor” Websites Telling the Truth?

Are “psychopath survivor” websites telling the truth?  It’s interesting that so many take the opinions of these scorned lovers so seriously.  After all, they presumably do not have the credentials required to confirm anyone as antisocial much less psychopathic.  Yet here we are.  The prevalence of such websites, books, voice boxes, etc. permeate the landscape around us.  It makes it much more difficult to create change in those psychopaths that wish to reform – for selfish reasons – if the group is even more heavily stigmatized than they already are.  We’ll explore some probabilities in the video that follows the jump and hopefully we’ll all come to the same conclusion: these outlets are spewing paranoia and hatred unnecessarily.

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Psychopath Erasure (Part 2)

Today marked an important day in the sociopolitical landscape in the United States.  The United States Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have the Constitutional right to marriage.  The weeping and gnashing of teeth as well as the numerous celebrations are plentiful and are not the focus of this post.  What segues into the heart of this post is the erasure that innumerable bisexual people are feeling right now.  Gay pride flags are plentiful but bisexual pride flags are nowhere to be seen.  Enemies, allies, and everyone in between are referring to the ruling as an issue of “gay” rights dealing with “gay” marriage, ignoring completely that bisexuals are subject to the benefits of the ruling as well.

Even though the outward appearance of a bisexual in a same-sex relationship may appear identical to that of the homosexual, there are important nuances and distinct experiences that are lost by distilling everything into an issue of homosexuality.  Bisexuals differ from homosexuals in many ways and can only be properly represented if they are taken as they are: as bisexuals.  This is no different than the psychopath that gets lumped into the same grouping as those with Antisocial Personality Disorder.  The two look familiar and aspects of psychopathy overlap with that of ASPD, but they are not the same.  In essence, the psychopath is erased by those focusing on the ASPD condition.  Just as the bisexual should reject erasure by the masses, so should the psychopath.

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