The Song in the Static … The Goldwater Rule

Both in the spirit of helping other up-and-coming writers and in sharing articles worth reading, I would like my readership to read the following post from a good friend of mine dealing with the dangers of diagnosing another from far away, especially when it comes to targets of high visibility.  Read Mr. Schneider’s post, and we’ll continue from there.

Read it?  Great.  Let’s continue his train of thought, but from an antisocial perspective.  What harm is there in diagnosing someone as antisocial (or narcissistic in the case of the linked article) from afar?  After all, we know what sheep look like and we know what wolves look like, so if something looks like a wolf, does it truly matter if we are up close or in safety when calling a wolf a wolf?  Well, there are the ethical concerns of doing as much, and then there are the practical concerns inherent to such a process.  We shall start with the ethical concerns and wrap up this post with the practicality of calling wolves, wolves.

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A Demon in the Playground of Angels

Sometimes I have to eat crow.  A mess of personality disorders, it seems that whatever lies at the core of this person often has its words drowned out by the maelstrom going on upstairs.  The comorbidity of psychopathy and Borderline Personality Disorder is well documented in the literature and results in a person that can be quite unpleasant to deal with.  Sprinkle on organic illness, manifested within myself by Bipolar Disorder, and I can be a demon in the playground of angels.  My intellectual self may often be drowned by competing disorders, but occasionally she cries out, trying to stop the madness.  I know that in order to continue my own recovery (from Borderline Personality Disorder in particular), I have to own my disorders and – gasp – take responsibility for my actions.  Personality disorders can never be an excuse for bad behavior, no matter how well they model such unappealing traits.

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Conversations about Cluster B Disorders – Accommodation Vs. Respect

So let’s say that you are tired of wearing your mask.  You are some fashion of Cluster B in nature (Antisocial Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, etc.).  You are tired of the contortions you must go through on a daily basis to be welcomed in society.  You realize that there are facets of your disorder that affect you negatively – though not fatally and possibly not even as a major inconvenience – but yet you are tired of all of the recommended tropes required to appear normal.  You realize that others may look at you in the way one would look at a crazed person if you were simply to act out without explanation.  How do you set up the conversation with those around you?  How do you let them know of those things that make you, you?

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