Drag the Waters

A man is born to harm, a man and a friend can harm more effectively, and a group of men united in cause can harm with an efficiency that no machine will ever reach, as the vortex will swallow all.  Like sharks surging toward blood on the water, the mob does not care if they care, only that righteous punishment is inflicted on those unlucky enough to be in their sights.  As long as man remains a social creature, this vicious cycle will repeat ad infinitum for any cause that the human mind can imagine.  Radical vegans, antifa, Islamic extremists, politicians, ordinary men, and all in between celebrate their in-groups as they drag the waters for the bodies of “them” they’ve cast aside.  Blood-stained hands and encephalitic masses will dance so long as they celebrate our own.  Reject and reform, we must abandon our own.

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Zeitgeist of the Heart – Sentencing and Rehabilitation

By now many of you have heard about the ruckus involving a Standford student convicted of raping an unconscious woman.  The judge issued a fairly lenient sentence (as lenient as any sentence can be when one is required to register as a sex offender) and many are calling for both his head and the rapist’s head.  The reasoning for the “light” sentence is that the convicted had no prior criminal record and was deemed to be with good chances of rehabilitation in prison.  This logic combined with the outcry of many circles is what interests me.  If prison is intended to be a tool of rehabilitation, then the system must be celebrated when it is successful.  This would dictate that sentences be made proportional to the odds of successful conversion from criminal behavior to prosocial behavior.  However, we are left in a world of bloodlust as the very people that decry the prison system are outraged that its power was not used in complete force with respect to the convicted.  After all, it’s okay to empathize with the disadvantaged that wind up in the system, but for those in which it is agreeable to pile on crucifixion, it must be done so with great gusto.

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The Shadowlands

Both the relationship I have with my readers and the relationship I have with the world are not lost on me.  I choose to remain visible and open and honest with my psychopathic condition and I how I choose to be defined by it (or not be defined by it).  This means that I am often fighting on two fronts.  I present my visible self to a world hostile to my existence and I present that same self to those that come looking for answers for the peculiarities they’ve noticed in their own lives.  I am open and exposed with no visible allies.  I’m not sure that I would have it any other way; I know what the stakes are to all involved.

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The Crimes We Commit Each Night in Our Heads

Trigger Warning: This post refers to topics of child molestation.

Are people with “evil” thoughts that choose not to act on them truly evil?  For that matter, are people with “good” thoughts that choose not to act on them truly good?  I suspect that many neurotypicals, with their infinite hypocrisy, would consider the first group evil and the second group good.  There is perception among many in this world that thought is equivalent to action regardless of victims or beneficiaries.

The psychopath – and I would love to know if there are counter-examples / how diverse this facet really is – that dreams of blood in the night should not be abhorred so long as he chooses to keep his red fantasies within the realms of the mind.  His love of blood is condemned, while the masses enjoying the same bloody scenes through their favorite media are considered ‘a-ok’.  It is acceptable – by the will of the mass – for those with a prosocial alignment to enjoy the primal and carnal thoughts that many humans enjoy.  However, the neurotypical shows signs of confirmation bias toward those who are psychopathic.  They use the psychopath’s love of the same blood red fantasies as post-priori justification for further stigma.  “Do as I say, not as I do.”

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Why do we hate the empath?  Are we inherently supposed to?

This was a question posed to me by a psychopathic friend of mine.  I won’t say that I was taken aback by the question; but I did find it interesting if not unfortunate.  It seems like there is nowhere safe from the ‘us versus them’ mentality that plagues humanity.  One focus of this blog has been to dispel, without sugar-coating, some of the insane preconceptions regarding psychopathy.  Education is key to overriding primal human tendencies.  We psychopaths need to be cognizant of the other direction of knowledge, however.  Empaths have much to teach us just as we have much to offer them.

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