The Song in the Static … The Goldwater Rule

Both in the spirit of helping other up-and-coming writers and in sharing articles worth reading, I would like my readership to read the following post from a good friend of mine dealing with the dangers of diagnosing another from far away, especially when it comes to targets of high visibility.  Read Mr. Schneider’s post, and we’ll continue from there.

Read it?  Great.  Let’s continue his train of thought, but from an antisocial perspective.  What harm is there in diagnosing someone as antisocial (or narcissistic in the case of the linked article) from afar?  After all, we know what sheep look like and we know what wolves look like, so if something looks like a wolf, does it truly matter if we are up close or in safety when calling a wolf a wolf?  Well, there are the ethical concerns of doing as much, and then there are the practical concerns inherent to such a process.  We shall start with the ethical concerns and wrap up this post with the practicality of calling wolves, wolves.

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