Uncomfortably Numb

This comment is particularly interesting.  The comparison between depression and psychopathic impulsivity seems particularly apt when we consider the numbness that the psychopath lives through in life.  This “numbness” is often referred to as psychopathic boredom or the psychopath’s need for stimulation.  Nothing satisfies, so the psychopath turns to more and more extreme measures in order to feel anything satisfying regarding life.  Some snuff themselves in this fashion, and many others end up in jail seeking a short-lived high.  When neurotypicals speak of ‘boredom,’ they mean that they’d rather be doing something other than that which they are engaged in at that moment.  When a psychopath speaks of ‘boredom,’ he means that he is numb and seeking anything that will release him from that state, knowing full and well that the odds are against him in finding such a panacea.

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You know that feeling where there is simply too much order in your life, that feeling where you have to spice things up with a bit of chaos?  You know that feeling where you’ve got some matches and you just need to see something burn?  I do.  I know that feeling all too well.  I’m a firestarter and I need to know that I can add some entertainment to my life.  I need to know that I can manipulate, destroy, and eradicate the restlessness in my life.  Tick tick tick tock, this boredom isn’t going to go away on its own.

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One Fix

I’m in a state of transition in my life.  I will probably be exploring new towns and new adventures sometime in the near to mid future and my desire to do much of anything in my current town is dwindling.  Such stagnation (and anticipation) renders me fairly impotent and desiring anything to satisfy my ennui, my eternal boredom.  I’ve returned to the realm of video games, choosing games that satisfy my need for stimulation in the best way possible.  Just five more minutes, I tell myself, as five minutes turns into six hours.  It may not be the most productive use of my time and no history will certainly be made from doing such, but it keeps me occupied.  It does not satisfy the beast that wants more, however.  I still want anything to make this life worth living; I want that one fix that will cure my boredom for good.

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Where Nothing Resides … Projecting Psychopathic “Boredom”

I’ve been a bit quiet lately as I haven’t had anything new or insightful to report on, but this comment from a reader raises an interesting question:

I was wondering what you think about the concept that the psychopath is actually very boring to us more normal people? Are they projecting their boredom onto others or is their lack of emotional repertoire the reason they bore others? I would be interested to know what you think about this.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever heard the psychopath referred to as “boring”, but I can see where this question is coming from.

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Puppetmaster … Psychopaths and Manipulation

Manipulation can take many forms.  The psychopath is nearly perfect in her mastery of these manipulative manifestations.  Blackmail, emotional harm, bait and switch, and other tactics are all available and used by us.  The psychopath knows how to identify one’s hopes and desires and to use that information in order to manipulate another to achieve some goal in mind.  We are skilled puppeteers and can get nearly anyone to bow to our will, usually without any threat involved.

Before I go into manipulative tactics, I want to stress a very important point for this current post arc.  Nearly anyone will register in some fashion or another with some of these traits.  A master manipulator alone is not a psychopath.  Neither is one who lacks empathy.  It is the confluence of the majority of these traits that composes psychopathy – a syndrome.  Yes, many of my readers are psychopathic.  However, I urge all to remain objective when assessing themselves or others for possible psychopathy.

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