Drag the Waters

A man is born to harm, a man and a friend can harm more effectively, and a group of men united in cause can harm with an efficiency that no machine will ever reach, as the vortex will swallow all.  Like sharks surging toward blood on the water, the mob does not care if they care, only that righteous punishment is inflicted on those unlucky enough to be in their sights.  As long as man remains a social creature, this vicious cycle will repeat ad infinitum for any cause that the human mind can imagine.  Radical vegans, antifa, Islamic extremists, politicians, ordinary men, and all in between celebrate their in-groups as they drag the waters for the bodies of “them” they’ve cast aside.  Blood-stained hands and encephalitic masses will dance so long as they celebrate our own.  Reject and reform, we must abandon our own.

How many have to die or worse for mankind to realize that his only salvation is to reject all?  We must let go of those ideologies and persons that we hold sacred.  Identity politics and actions must be considered anathema and abhorred.  We must view ourselves as gods while acknowledging no other.  Except for the sense of self-gratification that comes with dismemberment of the “enemy,” what really is there to gain?  A moment of introspection should make self-evident the truth that what can be done to another can be done to oneself.  The pendulum will always swing back. and once hearts have been broken, there is no turning back.

Harmony is an illusion.  One man’s free speech is only free so long as he is in command.  The mass will gladly take the rights of another, disillusioned into believe that their rights will never be taken themselves.  The mob is holy and unquestionable, and a mass united is a mass that is just.

I have no in-group.  All are “them.” As such, I am able to see what those with cannot.  I can see that I am no hypocrite; that all are subject to my will.  I do not pretend that my cause is just for I have no “us” to serve as faux authority.  I am my own authority.  Man’s authority for his bloody hands is contained in the smiles and cheers of those like him.  The gaze of morality is blind to his will.  Armchair warriors ruin lives with their bravery gained from being out of range of counterattack, and so long as he gets his likes and retweets, the “justified” remain vigilant in their unholy crusade. Our modern, interconnected networks become alive with abhorrent yet sacred onslaught.  The zeroes and ones of the Internet are the new swords and bullets; the success of “protests” are measured via body count.

Reject your fellow man and save yourself, as there are no heroes here.  Remember; the pendulum will swing back and the saviors of today will be the persecuted of tomorrow.



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  1. FNP says

    I fail to understand how you can be of a certain political mindset, in which you’re looking out only for yourself, and call that anything other than identity politics.

    At its core, that’s exactly what identity politics is: only supporting the platforms that put you on top.

    • says

      Identity politics is based on the interests and perspectives of *social groups* with which people identify. The difference is that she (and I think similarly) doesn’t give a fuck about the social group she belongs to, only about herself.

      • FNP says

        Identity politics, at least where I live, refers to people who want their country to be primarily composed of people like them – aka, no Muslims let in. Dunno if it’s the same way over in Portugal.

        • says

          not only… For instance, in the 80s, identity politics became central to the gay movement’s struggles. And it’s again about groups of people (in this case gay people), not the individual.

      • Jessica Kelly says

        Exactly. The rationale may overlap but surrendering oneself to the larger, like mass, results in both a surrender of individual power and a boon to the mob whose supposed interests are distilled into pure bloodlust.

        • FNP says

          The way I approach politics is that the group is useful for achieving what I want, but the minute they stop being useful, they can go in the proverbial oven as it were.

          • FNP says

            I could explain the esoteric meaning behind the choice of oven as a verb by the far-right, but the simple explanation is that nobody was ever ovened yet people who claim their families were ovened get highly triggered by it.

  2. says

    As for the muslims I rather not have them here, not because I fear for my fellow Portuguese people, or because I only want portuguese people inhere, but because I rather not increasse the probability of being killed in a terrorist attack or acid attack or something of the sorts. Of course that way the entire country will be muslim-free, so bonus, but it’s not my major concern.

    • FNP says

      Incidentally, I saw you either changed your tumblr link or took down the blog…

      On-topic: The crime rate is certainly much lower when you have a homogeneous or largely homogeneous country (I’m looking at you, Swedistan…).

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