The Psychopathic Conservative

From here on out, most posts will be muses of the state of the world and current events.  I’ve said everything there is to say about psychopathy, so consider this the natural evolution of the blog.  My eyes see things differently than the eyes of a neurotypical.  More accurately?  Maybe.  Differently?  Certainly.

Twitter is a cesspool of deluded liberals that think that good karma can change the path our world is on.  Be kind to all, show the other cheek, et cetera, and the world will respond favorably and humbly.  In a world in which Islamic extremism, geopolitical rivalries, and other forces vie for deathsong, such liberal beliefs are solely misguided.  However, I don’t want to make this a post about conservatism, as anyone can write a generic post about being right-wing and … yawn.  Speaking of Twitter, come follow me and reach out – I’ve updated the contact page to reflect that I am no longer taking email (thanks to Yahoo and their incompetency with user data).   Anyhoo, there is a difference between my conservatism and that of others.  I have no heart in the fight except to guarantee my own self-preservation.  I care not for God, whites, blacks, homosexuals, no one except me and those in my inner circle.  When one only cares about themselves, then conservatism is the easier and more acceptable choice.

I mentioned Twitter above as an image that I see over and over again is that of someone holding a sign that more or less states: “If you can separate Christians from the KKK, then you can separate muslims from ISIS.”  Maybe.  I think the premise is flawed, however.  If all religious people are equally deluded, then does it really matter which groupings we create?  That is, should we be separating by religious figures and deities, or by the probability of someone crashing a bus into a helpless gathering of people?  I would think the latter is more logical.

There is also the liberal weeping and gnashing of teeth over North Korea.  I’d like to think that these people are acting out of self-preservation, but they seem more or less opposed to attacking North Korea simply over the principle of war.  If war is going to save my life as a bumpkin somewhere in the United States, then why wouldn’t I support it?  Of course, the Chinese entering on the wrong side of the hypothetical war would be devastating, but I’d like to think that eliminating a regime unhinged and wanting to rain nuclear hellfire down on us is more than worth the soldiers and civilians unlucky enough to be caught in the crosshairs.

Taxes?  Who needs them?  The poor?  I am happy to pay taxes for my own salvation, but I am unwilling to happily pay for the salvation of others.  I am pro-opportunity, nothing more.  If I can be guaranteed to pay the minimum amount of money that will bolster the government such that my life is fine, I care not if others are sacrificed as a result.  Why would I?  Why would any true antisocial?

I have no dog in these quarrels except that of my own self-preservation.  If eliminating extremism will guarantee my life and happiness, then go for it.  If millions dead that aren’t me or (mostly) my countrymen, then go for it.  I don’t care.  We all live to die.  I’m not wasting my life on others that I’ll never know or care about.  As such, the punchline has always been the same: care not for those you’ll never know and take care of those you do by any means necessary.  This must be the song of the 21st century and the anthem for the psychopathic conservative.

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  1. FNP says

    At some point, I meant to write a comprehensive reply to this…

    Then I found myself flying back to spend a few weeks in the US…

    Real response coming soon, probably.

  2. MMS says

    FNP, I would have liked to start a bit of a ‘debate’ with you on this topic and hopefully for others to express their views as well. But you seem to have lost interest which surprises me as I believed you were quite passionate about politics (if psychopaths are capable of being passionate, that is).

    • FNP says

      I haven’t lost interest in the topic. I’ve been busy dealing with the hassles of writing a book in one country and having it published in another.

      Honestly though, if you want a good accounting of my views on political subjects, there’s a few authors I can recommend: Hitler, Mussolini, Julius Evola, Nietzsche, Albert Speer, and Oswald Arnold Gottfried Spengler. The clever observer will notice a common thread linking all of these. Keep in mind that my viewpoint regarding politics is considered to be quite far right-wing.

      As to the response to this post, I’ll be writing it at some point this week.

  3. Socioflower says

    Hey Jess. Socioflower here. Good to see you’re still active, hope everything is going well. We in the bee hive read your article on Vice from a while back.

  4. Bomb says

    The majority of people in this world are now psychopathic. You are in denial when you rant on and on about how unique and different you are from the “neurotypical” and the “empath,” that you are somehow outstanding in some way.

    You’re writing about the disturbing state of the world, and yet you cannot see that the world is crap because the MAJORITY are psychopathic.

    That’s right, there is no difference between the narcissist, the sociopath, and the psychopath other than environment and circumstance. You can thank the psychopath known as Robert Hare for leading you in mislabeling the majority and throwing about backward statistics to pacify the now pathological human species.

    A narcissist transforms into a psychopath the instant he or she realizes “it” can get away with murder, rape, you name it. And this is what comprises the millions upon millions walking the planet.

    Why else would all of you still be driving cars when you know our world is in the process of dying from the pollution and filth we, as a species, have flung out of the asses of our machines? Your top scientists are telling you that in order for our species to survive past the 10 year mark (it’s actually much less than that figure), that we will need to relocate to ANOTHER PLANET. Hello?

    Why else would so many of you be using social media, which is BY ITS VERY NATURE narcissistic, voyaristic, and straight up making an idol of oneself? Look at your Tower of Babel, you goddamn babbling egos! You are empty casings without souls.

    Why would you continue posting pictures of your children on the internet which is nothing more than a pedophile’s playground at this point?

    Why is your world full of porn?

    Answer: psychopaths

    Why are you ruled by money?

    Answer: psychopaths

    Why are you unable to maintain love in relationships (in all honesty)?

    Answer: BECAUSE MOST OF YOU ARE PSYCHOPATHS. Your definition of love is not even accurate anymore. Human beings have become so fucking numb, that you think partnerships based on appearance, finances, the need to maintain social status… you think that shit is love, and it is not.

    You aren’t special nitwit. Your world is going to war because you’re all the same. You’ve got no legs. PSYCHOPATHS on wheels. Won’t stop trampling the earth to save their own lives.

    What a fucking joke.

    • FNP says

      If the majority of people in the world are psychopaths, why are you still breathing? It’s not a threat, just an honest question. You strike me as the type of person who pisses everybody off.

      Another question for you: Have you done anything to change the world or are you just ranting in comments sections about how much of a true nihilist you are?

    • MA32 says

      Sure, ignore that the most part of the population would score something like between a 5 and a 10 in the PCL-R. But I’m sure I’m wasting my time because you don’t even know anything about that.

  5. MA32 says

    It seems that there’s a problem with the world. It’s the “poor muslim” mentality, and the screaming “hate crime!” mentality when it comes to muslims. And if I analyze it and question if this is really a hate crime and how do we draw the line – really just that, then apparently I’m a cunt. But if that’s being a cunt, then cunt must mean smart, or rational because I’m supposed to be the bipolar here (yes, now it’s bipolar NOS apparently) and therefore the emotional unstable one, yet it’s me who’s using reason and critical thinking…

    Then there’s the “poor refugee” mentality (which is related to the other one), that I’ve been talking about. Yes, not all refugees are terrorists, and some are children and women, and shit, perhaps even the family’s parakeet came too, but it’s still a good way to infiltrate terrorists and many of those people aren’t adapting to our society norms, and are criminal by our standards.

    • FNP says

      You get called a cunt for pointing out reality? Heh, that’s pretty tame.

      On a more serious note, I had a couple places stop selling my book because I pointed out that the argument for why we shouldn’t bomb Syria (that it causes more terror attacks) is suddenly evil when used as an argument for why we shouldn’t have Muslims (their terror attacks inspire revenge terror attacks).

      These people selling my book should’ve already figured out that neither I nor my book is politically correct, but they got mad when I said tamer stuff than is in my book – which is about the rise/return of National Socialism and fascism in response to the current world situation. Plus, you think it’d be obvious to anybody that reads a book with the first sentence being “Yes, I’m an American Nazi.” exactly what my views were…

      • MA32 says

        «Heh, that’s pretty tame.»

        «I pointed out that the argument for why we shouldn’t bomb Syria (that it causes more terror attacks) is suddenly evil when used as an argument for why we shouldn’t have Muslims (their terror attacks inspire revenge terror attacks).»
        I see people hate logic these days… In fact I had someone I’ve been getting along with for a while now blocking me because of my politics, which are actually pretty moderate (not just unfollowing, which is kinda stupid, but hey, it’s tumblr, I wouldn’t care). lol that person said she was a moderate too, but she turned out to be an intellectual fraud and was a fanatic leftist and sjw instead. Well after that she couldn’t fstand this truth (and others that are probably more uncomfortable) and completely left tumblr… For good I think. 😉

        • FNP says

          Speaking as someone who’s been IP-banned from multiple IPs on Tumblr… Quite a few people from ye olde Cluster B group on tumblr blocked me even though I didn’t talk about any political thing with them, simply because it made them look bad or something if a Nazi was interacting with them (and made them look even worse that they followed me).

          The odd thing is, because of where I live these days, I can say whatever I want where I live, but if I travel just 100 miles in pretty much any direction, I end up in a country where laws exist that prevent me from speaking about my political views (and from having my book sold in them, naturally). Those countries are all right at the top of the global “freedom of speech” lists, too. Same illogical hypocrisy in action.

          • FNP says

            If the girl in question was part of the Cluster B group, I probably did.

            There was one super-hard-SJW/leftist that I trolled to the point where she went for a 72-hour psych ward stay. And to think, all it took was replying to her replies with a normal thing, but sticking some random meme at the end, so if she wanted to reply, she’d have to have that on there too (you couldn’t cut out people’s replies earlier in the thread at that time).

          • MA32 says

            Well, she had cluster b pd (bpd + bd + ptsd + morbid obesity lol). But I’m not sure if she was known by most of other cluster b’s and I only knew of her existence shortly after you left. She pretended not be a die a hard leftist or sjw, but she turned out to be one, and she lied about other things too. In fact the first lie I caught her on ws that she wasn’t into gore… however she was obsessed with Silent Hill – not only the games, but the movies as well. That one was pretty easy ot detect, especially after the fact that I posted something about the movies to see if she was just into the games (where the gore doesn’t even remotely seem real), or if she was obsessed with the movies too… well, bingo.

          • FNP says

            Ah yeah, didn’t know that one.

            Though I didn’t exactly “leave” tumblr… I was banned and all accounts I’ve tried to make since have been banned within minutes.

            That said, I did finally figure out who you were.

          • MA32 says

            I thought you would have no troublr finding out who I was when I’m using all the the initials and the number on my url…

  6. MA32 says

    Islam: sjw’s favorite child and also the main cause of work-related stress in the secret services of various countries

  7. MA32 says

    Interesting perspective, especially this part:

    «…an image that I see over and over again is that of someone holding a sign that more or less states: “If you can separate Christians from the KKK, then you can separate muslims from ISIS.” Maybe. I think the premise is flawed, however. If all religious people are equally deluded, then does it really matter which groupings we create? That is, should we be separating by religious figures and deities, or by the probability of someone crashing a bus into a helpless gathering of people? I would think the latter is more logical.» I would say however that not all religious people are equally deluded – I mean, some catholics do not believe in the literal physical ressurrection of Jesus, and I would say that if you compare your average christian with your average jew, the christian would have a few more delusional ideas than the jew because to what the Torah already teaches, christianity aded a few more idiotic beliefs (ressurrection, etc). I would say that those two religions are most probably equally deluded, and all religions are deluded to some extent. But I agree with this, it isn’t the religion that matters the most, it is its impact, an thus we should be separating by «the probability of someone crashing a bus into a helpless gathering of people».

  8. MMS says

    FNP: How do you rationalize your extreme right wing political views with the fact that you don’t discriminate based on sexuality/gender identity? Or have I mis-interpreted some of your comments on this site? – just asking.

    • FNP says

      You’ve completely misinterpreted my comments on this site. You seem to be doing the thing that some people do where they think I’m the one that owns the site. I very much do “discriminate” based on gender, especially since where I live, it’s still considered dysphoria to believe you’re something other that what you are.

      Besides, I’m an extreme centrist like all NatSocs. The one-axis model doesn’t work very well unless you’re talking GOP vs Democrat.

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