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I’ve been quiet for a few months, staying resolute in my belief that I should not write if I do not have insights that are enlightening nor entertaining.

I have plans for a 3-4 post arc in the coming days that may be of interest. This arc will possibly signal the end of updates for this blog, but I cannot rule out occasional insights that may be documented in the future. I have ideas for other writing unrelated to the topic of psychopathy, but as I continue to mature and grow mindful, I find it difficult to maintain the high standard that I set for myself in this realm.

Stay tuned







Dawn - Whispers of Eternity


  1. Anonymous says

    That reasoning. Not illness or inconvenient circumstances, but the aspiration to make every post worth the reader’s time. Yet you are posting in the awareness that neurotypicals might wonder if you died if the posts stopped coming. It made me smile on the inside because it’s such a simple and yet tedious part of life for me.

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