Maybe Psychopathy and Cluster B Forums are Needed After All

I know that I recently said that I was done with administering forums, and that they offered little objective value once they became full-fledged echo chambers.  Well, I changed my mind again.  I’ve listed the reasons why “recovery” sites with their discussion boards tend to be shitholes, but I think that the jury may still be out on whether analogous sites for those being accused of inflicted damage are without merit.  Thinking specifically of Lovefraud and PsychopathFree, whose websites I will not link to in this post, I can imagine the frustration of those that are constantly being thrown under the bus, rightly or wrongly.  There needs to be an outlet for the forsaken, though the effectiveness of that outlet can only be determined by those that participate.  With this in mind, I have decided to spin up a new site, separate from this blog, dedicated to this need.  In the spirit of throwing sand in the eyes of my enemies, I have named it Psychopath Tree.

I don’t want to be a major voice on these forums.  I want psychopaths and those under the Cluster B umbrella to decide their own fate.  I’m merely the facilitator.  I will do everything in my power to make sure that the forums can grow, but it will take word of mouth and dedicated users to make Psychopath Tree thrive.  I encourage everyone reading to take a moment and at least visit the new site, registering for a forums account if you are so inclined.  Please share its existence with others and help me lead a charge against those outlets that spread misinformation and paranoia.  If you are psychopathic or Cluster B and want to write an article for its front page, please feel free to reach out to me as well.

I can’t want this more than the people the site could potentially serve.  I dream of a day in which there are multiple outlets for information and misinformation where consumers can make their own educated choices regarding these stigmatized groups.  Of course, I’ll be playing my part with the blog you are reading right now.  I just happen to be the one with the money and technical skill to set up the framework, that’s all.  The rest is up to you.

Are There Differences Between Sociopaths and Psychopaths?


  1. Anon says

    In this particular example, forsaken for very good reason.

    Jessica, your continued attempts to paint psychopaths as a poor, misunderstood group worthy of pity, are laughable. The tell-tale psychopathic manipulation tactic of pity-playing is well-known to those who have encountered pure evil.

  2. Anon says

    I notice that you’ve taken to referring to psychopathy as a mental illness….another attempt to garner pity? Psychopaths are personality disordered. Not mentally ill. Nice try, though.

    • MA32 says

      I’ve read about and it’s not fully consensual among experts (but what is fully consensual among experts?). However it is in the DSM by the same reason other disorders are there too: it’s clinically relevant – it makes it harder for these people to function, affecting significantly their life and the life of those around them.

      • MA32 says

        Psychopathy itself isn’t in the DSM, but is mentioned and is considered by some to be a superset and a subtype of ASPD.

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