The Evil of Inaction

Neurotypicals want to believe that all the evil in the world is attributable to “bad people” and that they themselves are immune from those pressures that beget antisocial deeds.  We know this to be false as many neurotypicals commit great atrocities in the name of religion, passion, “duty,” or any number of other things.  However, we must remember that the evil of action is not entirely dissimilar from the evil of inaction.  If evil is loosely defined by definitions that include the acts of harm to others or the absence of compassion and mercy, then it becomes even harder for the neurotypical to claim that they are entirely dissimilar from those on the antisocial spectrum.  The key difference is that we, particularly those that are psychopaths, do not make any claim to be righteous whereas they (the neurotypical) do.

I see posts on tumblr all the time where people “signal boost” cries for help by the unfortunate.  Pleas for money or housing are common and throngs of people reblog such thinking that they are inevitably doing some good.  What is lost in all the noise is the fact that the majority of people keep signal boosting and that very few actually act in a merciful or compassionate manner.  It reminds me of the phenomenon of vehicular crashes.  People drive by, clutch there hearts in the “horror” of the scene in front of them, and then promptly keep on driving.  Each person believes that the next person will be the one to call 911 and, sometimes, no one ends up calling at all.  “Yeah, I see this suffering in front of me, but it is someone else’s problem, not mine.”  I could list more extreme and deadly examples of this philosophy at work, but I will leave that as an exercise for the reader.

The onus is not on the psychopath or otherwise antisocial to do anything but the actions he is wired for.  Likewise, in the interest of fairness, there is no onus on the neurotypical to do anything against their wiring.  However, only one of these two demographics is lying to themselves.  The high road cannot be claimed by the neurotypical so long as she insists upon committing atrocities of inaction.  Even if we are to ignore the evil actions that neurotypicals can engage in, their inactions are equally damning.  As always, I encourage all of my readers, psychopathic, antisocial, or otherwise, to examine their own actions.  No one is without sin.  The question is whether we are honest with such darkness that lives inside us all.

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  1. says

    The evil of inaction is often overlooked. One particular real event is chilling: a woman was stabbed for 45 minutes until she died. It was witnessed by tens or even hundreds of people living nearby, but everyone assumed someone else would call the cops. Nobody called until about an hour later.

    We NTs apparently will only help if we feel a responsibility. Psychologists think the woman would have been saved if only a single person had witnessed it, as she would’ve felt responsible.

    You’ve often stated recently that you have changed, and are no longer antisocial. If this question is not too personal, and I understand totally if it is, is it difficult for you to resist the temptation to manipulate and play games with people?

    • james says

      I read that story and watched that video. The victim was an NT. Only an NT would sit around and wait for things to happen, and then make a long sob story about how no one did anything for 45 minutes. Only an NT would allow the guy to walk free, without getting caught, waiting to lampoon yet another woman, some other place,some other time, to repeat the same thing again.

      Am I supposed to be sorry for this? This is what the nonsense about empathy gets you, you can not act in your own best interest or predict what might actually happen and act on that data. A woman, with a little bit of common sense would have been armed and would have been able to defend herself, or would have somehow neutralized the person before it got to that point.

      Science and psychology he rest of the studies people take are not supposed to make you forget that it is your life and you should live it as you like.

      • FNP says

        “Only an NT would…”

        Honestly, no. NTs assume others are exactly like them and so they think someone else will report a crime. When you take a look at psychopaths (especially the more sadistic and/or narcissistic of us), you’ll find that it’s really just a matter of whether it’s more beneficial to report the crime or to ignore it. I truthfully don’t care if people commit crimes as long as those crimes don’t impact me.

        Your assumption that women can defend themselves in all situations is complete shit. The reason women are the targets of more sadistic crimes than men is because women are physically incapable of fending off an armed attacker in the vast majority of situations. Also the case in question is a stabbing. People on the whole are far more terrified of a knife than of a gun.

        Your suggestion for everyone to live their life the way they want to would not result in a society you’d want to live in. That’s what the rule of law and police forces are for. The single biggest thing preventing me from doing whatever I want is the knowledge that it’s highly unlikely I could evade arrest forever, and I have no desire to spend my life in prison (or end up strapped down with a needle in my arm, of course).

        After all, just imagine the kinds of fun and enjoyable activities a sadistic psychopath with a penchant for corpses, blood, and amputees could get up to in such a situation.

        • james says

          Oh, such romance! Btw, this happened in India, and this disaster was a year in the making. The authorities knew about it and didn’t help. Neither did the girl’s family. You get the drift.

    • FNP says

      This is what is known as nihilism. Scientific evidence, however, proves that the vast majority of people are not bad, and that’s why society manages to function.

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