The Inevitable

I see time and time again, through inquiries or on social media, the desire by many to be willfully blind to the antisocial condition. Frankly, it’s delusional.  Ignoring all evidence in front of them, they seek to paint antisocials as the victims of society rather than the batterers that we are.  I am more than willing to embezzle the trust that others give me, but I’ve also said all along that maybe you shouldn’t give the keys to the world to those that are already proficient in lockpicking.

The delusion comes on two fronts.  The first belongs to the realm of the neurotypical that wishes to be blind than to see the horrors that lie around them.  The second is propagated by the antisocial that simply cannot come to grips with reality.  Whether this is through a misdiagnosis (in which they belong to the first camp anyway) or blind idealism, these “antisocial” individuals do far more damage than they could if they simply embraced their animalistic nature.

I’ve referred to delusional neurotypicals many times and will only briefly revisit the problem in this post.  We’ve all seen accounts of people that keep exotic pets.   And, we’ve all seen, time and time again, how these animals react.  Whether we see chimpanzees clawing off the faces of those around them or bears devouring their caretakers, the lessons learned are few and simple.  Don’t underestimate the power of the untamed.  Time and time again, people gouge out their own eyes rather than voluntarily see the horror in front of them.  Evil exists in every man and woman on this earth, but we shouldn’t discount the reality that some are more prone to behaving badly than others.  Get too close and I’ll rip your arm out of socket.  Don’t blame me when I’ve said this all along.

So that brings us to the other group.  Some antisocials, whether as a product of societal or internal or religious pressure, truly believe that they are not harbingers of destruction.  They touch and burn all around them to a crisp and then proclaim that neither flame-retardant material nor fire extinguisher are needed in their lives.  They are the very exotic animals that I mentioned in the preceding paragraph.  They cozy up for snuggles with those around them and then pick at the corpse after the inevitable happens.

I do believe that restraint is a possibility for the antisocial.  I am not so foolish as to believe that this does anything but delay the destined, however.  All systems that do not have probability zero will eventually return a “success.”  The antisocial, by definition, has proven their capacity.  They will succumb to desire at some point.  They will bare tooth and fang, claw and paw.

No one receives a diagnoses of ASPD or a confirmation of psychopathy because they are good people.  The past has dictated the present and the present will, in part, determine the future.  To deny one’s past is to make a mockery of the present and a farce of the future.  We are who we are.  Nothing less, nothing more.  So, to everyone: shut your mouths and give respect where respect is due.  Reject delusion.


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