Destroy the Mimic

The term ‘psychopathy’ attracts far more than the antisocial.  So many wish to gravitate toward this label for reasons that I will never fully understand.  Those with low levels of empathy (affective or cognitive) seem to want to use the label to explain their being, regardless over whether it makes sense.  Sometimes, the undiagnosed and mentally ill stumble across the term as a means for substituting something “hip” and “cool” for the treatment that they so very badly need.  It’s all rather irritating.  Wolves are wolves.  If you are not a wolf, then you are not a wolf.  It’s that simple, yet people want to be seen as something they are not.  Ultimately, it is the responsibility of those with the condition to speak up, even if anonymously, to correct such dangerous misrepresentations and mischaracterizations of the disorder.

I’m in a unique position.  I do not hide behind a pseudonym or within the shadows.  Having little to lose, I am free to be open regarding my condition.  I do this because I know that I can handle the pressures of my antisocial brain and the expectations of society that surrounds me.  While the reader would be naive to assume that I am altruistic in my reasons for promoting discourse, I still find a certain responsibility in making sure that I convey the condition in as clear and correct of terms as possible.  As such, it bothers me when others try to claim something that they are not.  It disrespects me when some attempt to be my kin without the blood, sweat, and tears that come with the condition.  And, I would be disrespecting others if I did not call out such mimicry when I see it.

I appreciate my antisocial brethren that have passed the “smell test” and help set others straight as well.  They may have their own reasons, but ultimately our concerns and fights are in alignment.  Just as the feminist must cast out those that make a mockery of their desires and wishes, and just as the Muslim must cast out his extremist relation, the antisocial should feel an obligation to keep their own condition pure.  We must cast out those that are inevitably going to end up in prison or dead and we must cast out those that wish to dilute the condition with their own nonsense.  I recognize that not everyone wishes to bear this burden and that it is strictly advantageous to remain in the shadows, but there must still be a few if the minds of men are ever to be turned.

Speaking Falsely
Across the River Styx


  1. FNP says

    What these mimic-types never seem to understand is that it’s really quite easy for actual psychopaths to spot them and see just how stupid the mimics are.

  2. Aurienne says

    Certainly many of “our number” (in the most general sense) DO go to prison or die, though. Most of them likely also as a direct result of their condition as well. What could they be denied, save for the qualifier “High Functioning?”

    As for “posers,” well. . . just imagine the lonely sorts whose egos are so impoverished as to need recognition from others specifically for the “Psychopathic Image.” Their comprehension of the condition is going to hold onto social AND common clinical presuppositions about us at best, and hollywood nonsense at worst. They are going to be twirling their mustache like an airdrop for attention.

  3. says

    Why are you guys talking about yourselves? You’re exactly describing yourselves. It’s baffling but none of this suprises me like before. I’ll be the compassionate monkey with a bad temper and a careful heart who is ready to beat a a hungry dog back with a stick because what.. I’m not a saint. To me. You’re all parasites who want to be accepted for being a parasite but want none of the reprocussons of such to which you spit back, amortality. So please, tell me again how the actual fuck YOU matter in the greater scheme of the world you pretentious ass hole who prides themselves in a clinical psychiatric definition, exclusive to what you think is makes greatest psychopath ever. You have refined your creativity to an obsession with gore as you try to express your lonely idea, weak and singular because you view yourself as the literal top hot dog. Try imaging someone dying by old age. Not as enticing as a though filled with force and blood, huh? If you actually were infatuated with pain then you’d be causing it. Oh wait, you think you deserve nothing better in life so you DO abuse yourself with such thoughts. This is the fucking Internet. This. Is. The. Fucking. Internet and you are blogging. Attention whore. Attention whore. Oh look at me! Now I’m the dumb one. It must must must be my bipolar nature. Not me. My bipolar nature. Not me. Not me. Nothing is me. I don’t have any responsibility. Go get shocked. Have your brain expanded there are litreal ways to get you to feel more. Not “normal” and the fact that you think normality exists. Hilarity. You were not forever jessica.

  4. says

    You know when I read this shit? Only when I’m taking shits myself. The only time I can have a constipated face and have my feelings match what I’m reading. LMAO. No one cares about you or misses you. Pathetic, unrooted, pigmy.

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