So many seek to inflict mortal damage rather than understand another’s point of view.  It starts with one person who has cast their humanity aside.  Then, one by one, others join in as a means of engaging in “holy” vengeance.  In the end, the flames of the executioner’s pyre are fanned and splash onto those that lit the fuel.  It spirals into chaos as those attacking the original victim begin to assault one another as a means of determining purity.  It is a bloody mess with heatseeking missiles that are drawn to all.

We are all familiar with the story of Salem.  Accusations of witch craft began against the poor and then spread along class and familial lines.  Whether any actual witches were being burned proved to be of secondary importance to the satisfaction of dealing mortal damage to one’s enemies.  Light or be lit, it seems.

Discourse is no longer appreciated nor wanted in today’s technological world.  A giant game of ‘telephone’ breaks out the minute anyone says anything that challenges the status quo.  Together we are stronger than ourselves.  “Together” is no longer possible, however, when everyone is hellbent in making their voices supreme, without sanity, logic, or reason.  We have a blowout in the radio room and only the shadow of static descends upon the landscape around us.

There is no cure.  Human nature is embracing it’s own bloodthirsty war between “us” and “them.” Technology is speeding along the vitriol that has always been present in the hearts of man.  Where war was fought with tar and flame or pen and paper before, it now occurs at the speed of light, with obscene hearts paired instantly with one another.  The bond between these hearts is as fleeting as the beat they march to.  One day, the witch will be you.

Less Empathy by Those in Power, Please
The Demon's Dance


  1. Derash says

    Did I ever tell you how clever your writing is? I love the style of this one, metaphors in particular.

    All true sentiments in my view, so I don’t have much to critique. However, are you truly committed to this misanthropic view that discourse is cursed with falling on deaf ears? I like to think that eventually it can get through, but I’m an optimist with this. I’d like your thoughts on if this ignorance can be cured. We all know the world is bound for ruin following the current path.

  2. says

    I’m sorry. :] Be you. If you’re brilliant at being a monster then hey, shine brightly at it.

    On a human intellectual note..
    Where are you in this picture? What responsibility to you hold and what are your hopes and goals?

    I think many people’s issues with psychopaths is that they seem to enjoy murder and death only, and they live in their own world blind to other people’s.
    Now that is impossible so….

    • FNP says

      Those of us that are psychopathic here have managed to live just fine without this notion of being required to be good that you seem to think is universal.

      That being said, I haven’t been out murdering anybody, so I don’t have any clue if I’d enjoy it. However, my fap material involves blood. Pretty much just blood. Not so much on the corpses and bodies page, just blood.

      Weren’t you the one trying to claim that learning another language would reset a person’s emotional responses back on the Reverence post? You never really responded to the point where I speak multiple languages and am still a psychopath. Guess your ideas don’t actually change brain structure or genetics, do they?

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