Video: Are “Psychopath Survivor” Websites Telling the Truth?

Are “psychopath survivor” websites telling the truth?  It’s interesting that so many take the opinions of these scorned lovers so seriously.  After all, they presumably do not have the credentials required to confirm anyone as antisocial much less psychopathic.  Yet here we are.  The prevalence of such websites, books, voice boxes, etc. permeate the landscape around us.  It makes it much more difficult to create change in those psychopaths that wish to reform – for selfish reasons – if the group is even more heavily stigmatized than they already are.  We’ll explore some probabilities in the video that follows the jump and hopefully we’ll all come to the same conclusion: these outlets are spewing paranoia and hatred unnecessarily.

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  1. FNP says

    One thing I always find amusing about these sites like psychopathfree is that they all seem to have this “Master List” of the specific ways that psychopaths act.

    The only problem for them is that I’ll go out of my way to avoid doing any of those behaviors with someone who even slightly suspects anything. They also give all kinds of defense mechanism strategies, like No Contact and Grey Rock (which is the best indicator of victory I’ve ever seen), but don’t really realize that the more they try these things, the more of a challenge I see it as, and I’ll often end up pursuing that target more, since I know I’ve nearly accomplished my goals.

    They also have all kinds of “Are you dating a PSYCHOPATH!!?!?!?!?!?!!” quizzes, and the funniest thing is that the stuff I do in any relationship until I get tired of it fits under the “not a psychopath” category. When I get tired of it, it’s in the “100% definitely of course” category.

    • Anonymous says

      I’m in agreement on that one. Honestly I doubt even half of the people writing those stories are actually talking about a psychopath. It seems to me that they are more along the lines of “x hurt me, so x must be a psychopath!” because it makes them into a victim of a horrible monster, which is much more dramatic than somebody being an asshole. I’d never be so careless that some idiot can identify me as a psychopath because they read an article titled something like “7 signs somebody is a psychopath!!!!!”.


    • FNP says

      Actually, most writers on these psychopathfree-type sites (finally that one died, at least) don’t have any clue what they’re writing about. Malignant narcissist isn’t even a recognized category, btw… It’s just one of Millon’s subtypes.

      Honestly, it’s pretty easy to tell if someone is a malignant narcissist rather than a psychopath, given that us psychopaths don’t really give a flying fuck about everyone liking us, we just want enough people to like us so as to receive benefits from them liking us. Also, malignant narcissists aren’t typically impulsive and they don’t typically try to do things the easiest (regardless of legality) way possible.

      Basically, a malignant narcissist needs everybody to like them to maintain their supply, whereas a psychopath only “needs” people to like them in order to get something from them, and even then, it’s really only a necessity when coercion doesn’t/won’t work. If the malignant narcissist doesn’t get the attention they seek, they’re miserable. If a psychopath doesn’t get the attention we sought for whatever reason, we just go about getting that thing some other way.

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