Surrender – Psychopaths and Therapy (Part 5)


I’ve had my share of therapists over the years.  I’m convinced that many of them merely listened to me prattle on without offering any sort of educational guidance.  As such, I was deeply distrustful with my current therapist at first.  I wasn’t in her office by choice; my ex-husband forced me into therapy as our marriage was nearing the point of no return.  “There’s nothing wrong with me,” I told myself.  “So what if I drink excessively, ruin interpersonal relationships, have no self-identity, etc.”  I didn’t see any flaws in myself even though the warning bells were going off in my head regarding my place in the world.  I suspect that most antisocials and most psychopaths cringe at the idea of therapy.  “Things are going well enough,” we tell ourselves.  Are they?

When 77% of psychopaths are imprisoned and the remainder tend to be whirlwinds of destruction, it’s hard to say with a straight face that things are truly fine.  Eventually our ways will catch up with us, we can either choose to flail about and delay the inevitable, or we can seek assistance from those trained in the art of psychology.  It’s up to us as individuals.

The psychopath faces an especially difficult challenge on this front.  Our narcissism clouds us.  Our antisocial ways convince us that we can get further through deceit than through honesty.  For a slim proportion of us, I can’t disagree.  If everything is truly fine with respect to threading the needle at all times, then why would you surrender yourself to the instruction and care of another?  I did not trust my therapist until I realized that I hadn’t survived all of the trials I put myself through.  I’m smart enough to know that I can fail, and I was cognizant enough (barely) to realize that I was failing left and right.

I lose no sleep over the fates of those psychopaths that can’t get their shit together.  Pride kills them.  Sloth ruins them.  For all but the luckiest (or most skilled) of psychopaths who live in an antisocial manner day in and day out without negative consequence, there is a need to not only show restraint but to move forward in a manner that is more conducive for success.  If you have the ability, I encourage you to surrender yourself to a trained clinician.  There are many fates for the psychopath.  Death and complete self-destruction need not be on that list.  Ultimately the choice is yours.  Maybe you are as skilled as you think you are.  Or, maybe cold stone walls or gravestones call your name.


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  1. FNP says

    I think the main reason therapy doesn’t work very well for psychopaths and/or antisocial people is because the vast majority are in mandated therapy.

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