Are Psychopaths Toxic?

Are psychopaths toxic?  This is a question that I get somewhat frequently.  Others want to believe that the psychopath is irredeemable; that we are pariahs that deserve no human contact.  The answer that I give is that it depends.  Are we talking about the unsuccessful psychopaths that line our prison walls or our more adapted kin that have learned to succeed in life, warts and all?  Ultimately the onus of any interpersonal relationship with a psychopath must reside with the neurotypical.  We don’t blame the stove if someone touches it while it is hot, now do we?

Psychopaths can be extremely loyal to those deemed possessions.  There may not be an emotional bond, but that does not mean that an interpersonal relationship with the psychopath need be doomed to one of abuse and misuse.  Just as you may protect and keep safe a prized valuable, the psychopath can do the same with those in his inner circle.  Reframing expectations when dealing with the psychopath is key for the neurotypical.  We don’t expect the intellectually challenged to solve life’s hardest questions and we should not expect the psychopath to be a master of love and compassion.

More importantly, there is a responsibility for anyone in any interpersonal relationship to get out if the price of admission is too high.  Poison only kills if it is ingested and the same can be said for those interpersonal relationships in which one party may be behaving poorly.  I highly doubt that individuals place the word ‘toxic’ on every disagreeable person that they meet.  No, such a highly charged word is usually reserved for those groups that “deserve it” according to society.  So, in a sense, if one is convinced that another in their lives is truly toxic, they have the responsibility to sever contact.  The host swats the mosquito does it not?

Are psychopaths toxic?  Yes and no.  We can be your best friend, your unemotional rock, and your steadfast ground if we choose to be.  If we are a burden or abusive to those around us, they have the responsibility to get out as we are merely filling a niche held by parasites.  No one should blame the parasite for feeding, especially parasites that are selective with whom they feed on.

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  1. NT says

    “We don’t blame the stove if someone touches it while it is hot, now do we?”

    Unless the stove is masquerading as an airconditioner of course…

  2. Rrose says

    If you know a stove gets hot and will stay hot, but still carelessly play in the kitchen without a purpose then a good burn will teach you to watch where you are going and always assume it’s hot. you shouldn’t need to be told to always put your hand over and check if it’s on. but If you’re pissed u were careless and got burned… that sucks, you’ll know for next time but why are you even standing next to the stove in the first place? what do you need, otherwise get out of the kitchen it’s closed until dinner anyways lol. I feel like my mother but go play outside till dinner is served.

    • FNP says

      This idea only works for people who care about their own well-being. Psychopaths, myself included, have a tendency to poke the stove when we’re bored, or not watch where the knife is going while making a sandwich, or any other thing along this line.

      Example: I make soup nearly every day for lunch. The pot handle is always hot, yet most times, I forget to grab the potholder. It’s not because of my memory, it’s just because I don’t really attach any emotional significance to my own pain (had to specify, seeing as I’m quite sadistic…).

      • Rrose says

        ok thanks for that I guess, now why do you keep trying to engage by talking at not to me? You keep coming at me with a different mask and I really don’t care and wasn’t talking to you anyways. I am solid and much smarter than you. Out of respect for Jessica’s house, i’ve let your ego down easy. You have mistaken restraint for weakness and your attempts to intimidate, manipulate, deceive, and devour me have pushed my patience. I’m really not interested in what you’re trying to sell so ya. Stay out of my way or recognize your place. Drop the presumptions because you’re humiliating yourself and we are basically in public, if you want to have a conversation with someone, drop the superiority complex and manipulation tactics. If you want to further engage with me, have something intellectually enticing to add to the blog and I might find it worthy of response. Have a better night.

        • FNP says

          I give you a direct counter to your comment, and you think it’s a personal attack and me trying to manipulate you.

          Seriously, you’re far more narcissistic than I am if you think stuff that’s not personal or even about YOU at all is about you and personal.

          • Rrose says

            Why do you split yourself? It’s deciteful to perception when someone else tries to keep up. But im not going to be gas lighted by you. Don’t get why you have to have ugly. I don’t want to dance anymore.

          • FNP says

            There’s literally no splitting going on. I reply with a neutral-tone comment not directed at you, just at your comment, and you explode.

  3. Rrose says

    FNP it was a metaphor to the neurotypical who tries to make those who suffer from psychopathy evil. Why would they intentionally attack a psychopath for validation? That’s why I said if an NP came in a kitchen for no reason then play with then blame the stove they deserve that burn. I was mad becaudr Why does that need to be challenged with literal when it was always metaphorically? And it was for jessica but made originally for YOU lol

    • Rrose says

      I told you when you tried that Hannibal lecter shit. “Why would you expect those who willingly play with fire, fear the burn?” Why would you think i wasn’t fully aware of where I was or what I’m doing? Why must your misunderstanding and your lack of effort to clarify be MY CHARACTER FLAWS. Im extremely secure and solid in my head.

      • FNP says

        What “Hannibal lecter shit”? Honestly, the only similarities I really see are that I’m a psychopath and I like classical music.

        The way you spew these comments in rage at me really shows how “extremely secure and solid” you are. /sarcasm

        • Rrose says

          And your attempts at gas lighting me are pathetic. All it does is say victory. And the star is moving on. Enjoy nothing

          • says

            Because I actually had to look up the definition of gaslighting, here it is, since you clearly don’t know and you’re just spewing psychopathfree crap:

            “Gaslighting or gas-lighting is a form of mental abuse in which a victim is manipulated into doubting their own memory, perception, and sanity. Instances may range from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred, up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim.”

            You see that part about intention of disorienting the victim? I’ve got no intention of disorienting you. I’m responding to your comments, not trying to manipulate you to believe I’m innocent.

  4. Rrose says

    Fuck you wolf. Heed warning to those whom foolishly believe jessica still or possibly ever could have true growth. She is just devour and consume. Only her personal psychosis will disable the flow. The quicker you give to her, the simpler the discard. Dont be fooled by our kind. ONE in A see of nothing should sacrificed for humanity.

  5. henry says

    We are all human. Every man hs a goal to be the best he can be in life. Unfortunately many get distracted and start worrying about how “human” others are.
    When I was younger, someone would say, “to err is to human”. I disagreed.
    I think people have devolved from trying to do something with their lives, to judging others for what they seem to have or not as part of their character traits. Yet that stuff is unimportant.
    Some deal with movies rather than reality, but its entertainment, and not very important. Migjt be fun to do in your free time, but its not constructive.
    Some deal with…..grrrrr feelings. Yuck. Feelings will not fit your pocket book, or your stomach. One day, when I have solved all the mysteries of life, and I am trying to play a joke on myself(not something you should do), I will have fun experiencing feelings.
    I just think it is riculous and a big waste of time.

    However, I really like people. I talk to them. I am a man too. I need to understand my fellow man to understand myself.
    The NT has an emotional mask. I can get one too. Please bear with some of us if the mask gets itchy and we dont want to wear it any more. We are human too. You have never known life without your mask, We get along without one.

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