The Weakest Link of Critical Thought

We all have a responsibility to reject the tired and uninspired tropes that dominate “critical” thought these days.  Every position on the political spectrum – or any other spectrum for that manner – is filled with pet projects that are born not out of true necessity or injustice, but rather from the realization that it appeals to the larger mass.  Western feminism has forgotten its roots and focuses on non-issues compared to those living in countries that could truly benefit from feminism.  The right focuses on issues of individual liberty when individual liberty has all but been secured for them.  Everyone lives inside of their comfort zone and focuses on mild irritants that have no real bearing on their comfort.  We live in an age of regurgitation rather than pure digestion.

We have a responsibility not just to empower and expand our own thoughts, but to force the megaphones into territory that they are unaccustomed to.  I realize that there will always exist voices that are more influential than others, but we owe it to ourselves – and them – to provide a critical feedback loop.  Now, there may be disincentive for the influential to react to counter-thought, but those conversations must be had.  There is disincentive as their base must be properly nourished with non-thoughts and regurgitated non-issues.  However, there is always benefit to the fringe from the splash damage caused by opposing thought.  Only by allowing all voices, aligned and unaligned, can discourse properly continue.

To this end, I encourage my readers to provide feedback on my own writing.  I often am tempted to pander to my base – and on occasion I do – and I need sanity checks to ensure that the words I write are meaningful.  You, neurotypical or psychopath, should challenge those words that I write.  Of course, your responsibility is to provide reasoned counter points or supporting points, but this is important.  Critical thought is as only as strong as the weakest link in the communication chain.  We must not only challenge what the voice boxes feed us; we must also challenge our own thoughts.

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