My Hate Hibernates … Psychopaths and Social Justice

Some antisocials argue that there is gain to be had in pursuing social justice.  I don’t buy this.  My hate hibernates and I’ll get ahead in other ways.  What do I care if I can legally marry or have my gender marker updated with my state?  These get me little.  What I want is to be a force as an individual, not a slice of a larger movement.  I may give tacit approval to those aligned with my causes, but ultimately I am concerned with only one person: me.

This is not to say that I am without anger toward those social issues that affect me.  I want privilege as badly as anyone else.  However, I am a firm believer that the larger mass will dictate my fate given enough support.  This contrasts with my status as a psychopath in which I know that I have to fight my own fight.  I’m not going to waste my hate on something that others are fighting for.  I’m going to spend my hate on the issues dearest to me and dictated solely by me.

Others may bathe in the status gained by being on the right side of history, but such endeavors do not appeal to me.  I’m more concerned about the underbelly of the human condition.  If I’m going to waste my energy on something worth fighting for, it will be the fight that no one else will take up.  My self-grandiosity and megalomania demands no less.  I’m far too unique to waste my energy on anything lesser.

All of that said, I do want to hear from other antisocials and psychopaths.  I may very well be in the minority here.  I want to know what altruistic reasons you have for fighting for a cause bigger than yourself.  I’m sure the answers will be highly elucidating.

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      • FNP says

        I’ve been a member of the “wrong” side of history movement since I was 14. I’ve found that people who say that disagreement isn’t a bad thing and that they don’t support those on the right side of history are often just as hateful of people like me as anybody else generally is.

        All because my political views are “inherently evil”.

        Those people that are hateful of my views include both you and brenali, of course.

        • Jessica Kelly says

          To nip this in the bud: I literally do not care at all what your views are, I simply do not subscribe to them. I’d rather have someone with passion and your views than those that engage in politics without conviction.

          I have alliances that I have to walk a very tight path with, so in the name of those alliances I disengaged on tumblr. It’s unfortunate, but part of my “job” so to speak.

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